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Trade Union Benefits for Workers

The management of any organization has a major role in handling and leading the employees at every organizational level. However, the management performs better and more efficiently under the trade union’s watch. Trade unions act as the watchdog of the employees’ welfare. The union represents all workers, which is more effective than an individual forwarding complains directly to the management, the ministry of labour, or to a law court. An employee will complain as an individual, but the union will move to management or the employer as employees’ voices; thus, it is far much better than an individual, in bringing changes to employment environment.

However, joining a trade union does not increase the monthly earnings. One of the main objectives of a trade union is to represent employees’ grievances to their employers and other relevant authorities. When employees are poorly paid, the union can advocate for better pay on behalf of the employees. This is an advantage to the employees since their living standards are improved with their salaries.

Unions are joined by workers or professionals who are willing to make their grievances identified with a common voice. This illustrates that it is a relationship which socializes and relates professionally, unlike families which are all round in socialization (Katz and Kochan 6). Families are not likely to be conversant with what should be discussed in work since they do not have the real picture of the working environment.

Employers always offer employees’ wages that are not very favourable, mainly to maximize company profits through reduced cost of labour. In the presence of a trade union, employers are at the time stretched to provide extra services to employees which they cannot provide left alone. Spouses and other relatives may not like the idea of joining a trade union. This is as a result of ignorance or lack of information and knows how the one who is anticipating joining the trade union should enlighten them on the importance of joining one.

Trade unions are legally documented in the majority of counties in the world. Under employees act, in most of the constitutions, joining any trade union are voluntary. There should be no restrictions by anybody regardless of his/her position to prevent employees from joining unions. If the employer does not recommend anyone in the organization to join a trade union, or he looks down upon those who join, the case should be reported to the relevant authorities.

From the early ages, labour unions now referred to as trade unions have been fighting for the rights of the employees. Not all trade unions have stood for the rights of the employees. However, most of them have represented the employees efficiently. This provides a reason to the fact that not all trade unions are corrupt as some may describe them. An employee should study all the existing trade unions at disposal and find which is more likely to perform, by observing the union’s past merits (James 4). An informed decision will automatically lead to an employee joining the most appropriate trade union to represent his grievances to the employer.

There is enough information regarding the trade unions which an employee can choose to join. This information should be provided for to new employees, or to the ones who are not conversant with trade unions policies.

At times, some perceptions may discourage employees from joining the existing trade unions. There are much more facts which provide bases for employees to join these trade unions. Employees should take advantage of the existing trade unions since they are formed to represent them effectively.

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