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Uwear & Paledenim’s Code of Conduct Policies


The proposed code of conduct for UWEAR and PALEDENIM has the potential to drive positive performance. This is the case because the code has unique courses of action, guidelines, and disciplinary procedures. More workers will find the code of conduct appropriate towards achieving the targeted goals (Strahovnik & Juhant, 2014). However, some standard policies can be included in order to strengthen the code of conduct. This report outlines such policies and strategies that can support the two companies and eventually make them profitable.

Deliverables to the Client

The targeted client can collaborate with the consultant in order to benefit from certain deliverables. To begin with, the client can hire the services of the consultant to support the code of conduct implementation process. The most appropriate change frameworks such as Kurt Lewin’s Process, McKinsey’s 7S, and the ADKAR Model can be used depending on the unique needs of the merger. These models will ensure the code is implemented successfully. The client will receive appropriate training and resources to support the code of conduct (Editorial Board, 2015).

Different stakeholders can be guided and empowered in order to ensure the code of conduct supports the targeted business goals. The client can also be guided throughout the implementation process. By so doing, the major issues affecting the implementation process such as resistance from different employees will be addressed. The strategy will eventually make it easier for companies to realize their business potentials. The supervisors can be equipped with the most desirable competencies in order to identify and report violations. The approach will ensure the individuals comply with the existing regulatory orders and laws.

Code of Conduct

The proposed code of conduct for PALEDENIM and UWEAR is effective and sustainable. The code is guided by the best actions that should be embraced by the workers. The code of conduct outlines the best practices and behaviors expected from the employees. It goes further to outline specific policies that must be taken seriously (Lieber, 2010). The roles of different managers towards implementing the code are clearly defined. The importance and role of the ethics committee are clearly understood. The code of conduct outlines the disciplinary actions to punish wrongdoers. Basically, the new code of conduct has the potential to support and sustain the targeted merger (Strahovnik & Juhant, 2014). This approach will make the newly-formed company successful.

New Inclusions

The success of business organizations depends on various practices and initiatives. A code of conduct makes it easier for many firms to promote the best practices and eventually realize their potentials. The issues affecting the two companies have been identified and analyzed. However, there is an issue that should be considered in order to support the merger. The manner in which the employees use the internet should be included in the code of conduct. This issue should be guided by a unique internet standard policy. The role of this new policy is to ensure the employees use social media networks in an acceptable manner (Strahovnik & Juhant, 2014). This practice is necessary because the employees’ use of different online platforms can have numerous implications for a given organization. This consideration will ensure the workers use the internet in an ethical manner and support the targeted business goals. Additionally, the code of conduct should outline how the workers can follow specific regulatory orders and laws. The ultimate goal is to ensure the merger is successful.

Standard Policies for UWEAR and PALEDENIM

Several standard policies have the potential to transform the performance of UWEAR and PALEDENIM. The first one is an ethical standard policy. The stakeholders should be guided by this standard policy to act ethically. Individual employees will be informed about the best ethical practices and behaviors. The policy will provide consistent guidelines. Supervisors will report any violation and propose the best disciplinary action. Communication policy is critical for the new organization (Lieber, 2010). The employees should use the policy to communicate effectively with each other. Respect, support, and effective listening will be supported by the policy.

The code of conduct should be treated as a powerful policy standard. By so doing, the workers will be required to act according to its provisions. Failure to do so, the employees will be disciplined accordingly. The ethics committee will be expected to monitor the performance of every worker. The policy will play a positive role in supporting the merger. A disciplinary policy should be implemented in the newly-formed company. The policy will outline how compliance is measured. The policy will ensure different employees receive fair disciplinary actions. The final standard policy for the companies is employee conduct. This policy will guide the duties, behaviors, relationships, and responsibilities of the workers. The policy will address specific issues such as internet use, sexual harassment, dress code, and workplace safety (Strahovnik & Juhant, 2014).


The above recommendations are needed in order to ensure the targeted client realizes every outlined goal. Although the code of conduct is effective, the proposed additions will make it more effective for the newly-formed corporation. When these policies are incorporated in a professional manner, the two firms will be able to drive performance (Editorial Board, 2015). The improved code of conduct will ensure the company becomes a leader in its industry.


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