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Warehouse Management: Increasing Efficiency

To begin with, warehouse management is an activity that, from a financial perspective, has liquidity as the main issue that might ruin the process. In other words, no aspects of commercial activity are as important as delivery date and accuracy in such specific business. Consequently, by analyzing the warehouse management quality, the main Erin’s task will be to provide the maximum efficiency of the delivery process so that the company will not experience excess or deficit of resources.

First and foremost, the most important aspects of the qualitative analysis include the financial, labor, and service situations in the warehouse. From the economic perspective, the main problem is that the park has a significant amount of ineffective “cashing out.” To be more specific, clients’ reclaims about the catering issues require the company to provide the money return, which ruins such a capital-needed business to provide the warehouse’s liquidity.

From the labor view, workers are not involved in the process genuinely as they see the inefficiency of the system functioning and do not commit any actions to increase its performance or to suggest some possible ideas to escape the situation. Moreover, the labor force from the distribution markets is involved in an internal fraud of the main warehouse due to providing the “additional units” application. The service is not delivered in time so that clients become disappointed, which significantly decreases the overall efficiency. Last but not least, when the Theme Park clients are not satisfied with the foodservice, people usually prefer to go earlier from the amusement place because of the strong wish to eat in the middle of the day.

Second, three main changes must be provided to increase the warehouse performance index. One of the most important innovations should be immediately implied in the whole system. More specifically, the warehouse manager should place an offer for making the web program for processing management. Consequently, it will significantly increase the delivery of the orders, eliminate double-accounting of the expenses, and economize money for printing on the relatively expensive paper.

After that, hotshots and additional offers should be rethought. For the hot shots, there should be implicated the special requirements for suppliers, which states that they should furnish the items with a special maximum waste percentage if the supplier provides the order with the higher rate when not-they will pay sufficient money for their fault (Richards, 2017). Moreover, additional charges should be claimed but not furnished immediately but after the submission process. As a result, the Theme Park will strongly benefit from correct warehouse work, so that client’s time provided in the park will sustainably increase. In addition, clients will be more satisfied by the catering as an order so that the overall opinion about a park will only increase.


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