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What Is Professional Nursing?

I believe nursing is still an underestimated profession in the modern world. Because of this, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem of a shortage of professional nurses is extremely acute. The image of doctors’ assistants and patients’ observers does not reveal the entirety of their activities. Caring for the sick includes not only medical skills and knowledge but also a strong manifestation of empathy, which not all people are capable of.

There are several reasons why I decided to become a nurse. The main one is that in this area, I can make a difference now. For the last three years, I have been working as a dental assistant, thus, taking care of others’ health is not new to me. However, COVID-19 made me look at health care in another way. Although a shortage of nurses has been observed for a long time, now the nurse-to-patient ratio is 1:4, which is contrasting from the previously recommended 1:1 (Byrnes). There are not enough nurses in the United States while the population’s health needs are growing.

When I realized my determination to become a nurse, the issue of choosing a training program became relevant. I want to gain professional knowledge and skills, but I also need flexibility and the possibility to manage my schedule effectively. For these reasons, I have chosen this accelerated online program – it is efficient and convenient. Moreover, its another advantage is the cancellation of the TEAS exam. Even though the tests are a convenient assessment tool, it is limited by its conduct conditions and does not demonstrate all potential students’ abilities.

I see myself as a nurse in the future since I am motivated to develop in this profession and have the necessary qualities. I quickly understand people, and I can stay calm in communication even with capricious customers. I developed this skill while being a dental assistant since such a job is not only limited to helping a doctor but requires compassion. The preparations of patients for procedures, provision of information, and psychological support at the right time can happen in the process of communication. Working as a nurse will help me enhance these skills and apply them while caring for patients.

Another essential quality that will help me become a professional nurse is the desire for knowledge. Continuing education is an indispensable part of the work, as new technologies and methods are emerging to care for patients. Moreover, each person needs an individual approach, which motivates me not only to study the medical cases but also the person’s psychology. The responsibility that nurses take requires constant training and concentration.

A patient care, long work shifts, and severe cases of illness create intense pressure on medical personnel. For this reason, professional nursing also consists of constant stress. I am a stress-resistant person and am ready for the extra workload. Communication skills contribute to my determination, as I am confident that they will help me in caring for patients. Effective dialogue is also vital in relations with colleagues since the favorable environment for work depends on it. In the examples of nurses, who continue to save the patient’s lives in the conditions of COVID-19, I also find the sources for motivation to fight stress and defend the decision to explore the profession. Helping and serving people, in my opinion, is an essential aspect of our lives and, in some cases, can even be its meaning.

Thus, I see professional nursing as caring for sick people by applying medical knowledge and personal empathy. Both of these aspects are crucial since healing is not only physical treatment but also a favorable environment that contributes to establishing trust between the patient and doctors. The current shortage of nurses serves as an incentive to reassess this profession and increase its prestige. The COVID-19 crisis also demonstrated job’s importance, and motivated me to help people.

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