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American Government Contemporary Issues

Does the nominating process for the presidency generate the best candidates for the office?

The presidential nomination process in America generates the best candidate who can be entrusted with the responsibility to steer the United States. However, this process experiences frequently changes in order to be as per with the changing technology. Unlike the previous presidential nominations where the candidates had to be determined through the party climatic conventions and the national nominations, today , the determination of presidential nominee is determined effective and efficiently through the primary election process where the voters cast the ballot in the quest to determine the refereed candidate to take office later November 1St. Due to the integrity in the presidential nominations, the voted nominee is very confident in winning the election come November. In additional, the candidate is given a preference of choosing his/her running mate before the convention congregate.

Through the continuously evolving process in the presidential nominations, the demographic representation has really increased strengthening the ties between the presidential candidate and the voters. The current process of nomination provides more opportunities to the famous presidential candidates with the ability to effectively organize and hold campaigns with the ability to mostly generate enthusiasm among the voters during the early primaries seasons. With the results of the primaries, the voters’ decision is directly witness despite the main vote that awaits the America (Eden , p.19). The distance between the nomination and the real vote provide enough time for the voters to understand the presidential candidate, so that come November, the votes expect to have their candidate into office.

Nominating process

The process of nominating a presidential candidate in United State, the candidate have to collect a team of advisors as directed by article two of the constitution. The purpose of a team of advisors is to give advice to the candidate, so that he/she does not goes off the constitution. Afterward, the president can assign a new cabinet member or makes a new appointment within the executive.

Nomination and Confirmation Process Resources

The nomination should be submitted in writing form to the Senate for approval. Subsequently, the nomination document is forwarded to the committees, which has the authority to approve the nomination in the next level. At this stage, the hearing committee is now involved and review the nomination and later on, they forward it to secretary of the defense for a review once more. However, after the committee has chosen the best candidate, the nomination of the floor may take place as per their consideration. Later on, the white house is informed through confirmation of the bromine or denunciation (Eden , p. 16).

Senate Hearings

The testimony on the proposed nominee brought to the senate committee for them to determine whether or not to approve the presidential nominee. More often than not, over 98% of the approval cases are successful though the hearings contain insight into the cabinet and the nominee positions.

The strengths

The American presidential nomination system is a bit complex to understand having been divided into two parts; the state and the federal government. This is to the advantage of the citizens; however, the federal government is mandated to form and uphold foreign policies and to oversee the country’s domestic affairs where as the state government was left. However, there are certain reservations and customs that various English language dialects and diverse factors should be adhered (Eden , p. 35). When it comes to performance, many believe that U.S. has good model that can be copied by others countries, especially the developing country. In addition, as a super power, it must come out with clean election, which does not have any contradiction at all. This portrays how democracy should be exercised, as most of the countries in the globe, still excise the barbaric method of election; that is dictatorship.

The weaknesses

However, in order to expand on the weaknesses, it would be better if the federal government expert using political election and transition. The judges’ appointment is under control of the government, which in most cases they must adhere to the requirements of the government. Additionally, the law executing body should be independent so that they can practice the truth to all individuals, which is a weakness. Moreover, the congress liability is more complicated at present due to the large number of staff. Many members of the judiciary are arrogant with inability to ordain and improve the processes involved. The current nomination procedure carried out in America is not much satisfactory (Eden, p.58).

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