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e.g. Keto diet might be beneficial for one’s health

e.g. it encourages weight loss

e.g. Some scholars argue that it can cause nutrient deficiencies

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If you need to create a thesis statement from scratch or to check an existing one, consider using our free thesis-generating tool. It will test if your thesis is strong. All you need to do is:

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🎓 Thesis Statement Checker: Why Using It?

A thesis statement is only one sentence in your paper, but its significance can hardly be overestimated. Your thesis outlines the whole text’s essence and communicates your main idea in a reader-friendly manner. Use our free thesis statement generator to nail this task and avoid wasting the essential homework time.

What Is the Purpose of a Thesis Statement?

It is an important part of your college essay or research paper structure, informing the readers about your subject matter and your position on it.

The thesis statement also tells them:

  • What will be next in your paper,
  • What you will argue,
  • What stand you will defend.

What Makes a Good Thesis Statement?

A good thesis statement should:

  • Be correctly positioned in the text (coming at the end of your introduction),
  • Clearly communicate your central idea,
  • Contain the main arguments you will use to prove that central idea.

How to Check if Your Thesis Is Good?

A thesis checker for your statement’s quality should inquire:

  1. Whether a thesis answers your central research question,
  2. Whether it communicates your stand on the subject matter,
  3. Whether it passes the 'so what' test,
  4. Whether it is fully relevant to the essay content.

How to Make the ‘So What’ Test for a Thesis?

Once you’ve produced a thesis statement, imagine that your readers ask, “so what?” This concern relates to your topic's significance and broader implications, so make sure to cover those issues in the text.

🏋 Formulating a Strong Thesis

A thesis statement is an essential part of your paper, whether an essay or a dissertation, so you need to work hard to make it strong. You can formulate a solid thesis statement by focusing on the following functions it should perform:

  • Communicate the main idea you’re planning to examine in the assignment.
  • Set the stage for further discussion by familiarizing the readers with your subject matter.
  • Include the central research question of your interest asked in the form of an assumption that you'll prove in the body of your paper.
  • Make a disputable claim that you will prove with evidence.
  • Give readers a roadmap about your main arguments and the focus of your text.

Check your thesis statement for all these components to see whether it will perform its function efficiently. Many readers decide whether to continue with your text or not after studying the thesis statement. So, don’t take the risks of losing your target audience – dedicate enough time to hone the thesis statement to perfection.

Informative Thesis Statement

An informative essay is written to deliver information about a specific person, place, or phenomenon. It doesn't argue any claim and doesn't mean to convince people of anything.

Therefore, the process of informative thesis statement development follows a simple formula:

  • The main idea of your essay
  • The main argument you have about that subject matter

Let’s consider a simple example to illustrate how this formula works. For instance, you’ve been assigned to write an essay about the economic impact of COVID-19. Then your thesis statement may include the following idea and argument:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic had a disastrous effect on the global economy
  • Business bankruptcy, job losses

Using these components, you can formulate a thesis statement as follows:

The impact of COVID-19 on the global economy was disastrous, causing millions of businesses to close because of lockdown and leaving millions of people without jobs.

Compare & Contrast Thesis Statement

The essence of a compare and contrast essay is to compare two or more things and find their differences or similarities. You can write a thesis statement easily if you single out the following components:

  • Object 1
  • Object 2
  • Comparison or contrast
  • Similarity/difference 1
  • Similarity/difference 2

Following this template, you may write a thesis statement about two things. For example, if you need to compare freelance and full-time work, you can make a thesis statement as follows:

  • Freelance
  • Full-time work
  • Are different
  • Work-life balance
  • Control over work schedule
  • Flexibility

The resulting thesis would look as follows:

Freelance and full-time work are different in the degree of support for work-life balance, employee flexibility, and control over the work schedule.

Analytical Thesis Statement

When assigned an analytical essay, you need to present an in-depth analysis of a particular issue with supporting evidence. You make an argument or claim and then validate it with supporting facts from credible external sources to show why the readers should adopt your viewpoint.

The formula for constructing an analytic thesis is also simple:

  • Your topic: Wealth tax
  • Your main conclusion about the topic: Won’t improve people’s economic conditions
  • Your argument in favor of that conclusion: It causes a greater gap between rich and poor states

The resulting thesis statement would look as follows:

The introduction of wealth tax in the USA won't improve people's economic conditions because it only broadens the gap between rich and poor states.

Argumentative Thesis Statement

Argumentative essays are written to argue a specific point, so they need to be structured to ensure a good persuasive effect. An argumentative thesis statement can strengthen your rhetoric effect and solidify the arguments if it's properly written. So, how to write a powerful thesis for this essay type? Again, you can use the formula from our automatic thesis creator:

  • Topic: death penalty
  • Conclusion about the topic: should be abolished
  • An argument supporting that conclusion: a large number of wrongful accusations
  • An argument against that conclusion: adequate means for punishing cruel crimes

The resulting thesis statement will look like this:

Although the death penalty is a reasonable means of punishing cruel crimes, too many cases of wrongful accusations prove that it should be abolished globally.

✅ How Do I Check My Thesis Statement?

Now let's consider a simple checklist that you can use to measure the quality of your formulated thesis statement. It's better to double-check everything in advance instead of risking your grades. You can either contact our pros and ask them, "check my thesis statement, please," or follow the step-by-step guide on your own.

Compliance with the prompt A good start to any academic assignment is to check the professor's prompt several times. This way, you can ensure that your writing will go in the right direction without off-topic statements and arguments.
A debatable position Next, you should double-check that your position is debatable, which means that there are at least two sides to it. For instance, when you talk about tax cuts, there will always be opponents and proponents of this measure. At the same time, saying that beating animals is bad is not a debatable issue; everyone knows that it’s bad to do so.
Specifics Avoid vague statements; they will lead you nowhere, confusing your readers and failing your intentions.
The ‘so what’ test Be sure to draw broader conclusions and implications about your topic. It will give your readers a sense of urgency and a clear call to action.
Relevance to the essay body Always check whether your thesis statement is identical to the body paragraphs in content and argumentation.

Good luck with your writing assignments! Even if you get stuck in the middle of thesis statement work, don't fall into despair. Use our thesis statement checker to validate your direction and apply the suggestions of our automatic algorithms to speed up your writing.

We hope that this thesis checker will be useful for you. Please try other free tools we offer: summarizer, essay rephraser, and paragraph reworder.

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