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Nissan Motor Company Building Operational Resiliency

The automotive industry has remained in high demand and retained its revenue despite the challenges caused by the recent economic issues. Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.…
Topic: Business Words: 287 Pages: 1

What Are Heroism and Qualities of a Hero?

Heroism is a central concept in numerous fables and stories. Nevertheless, there is a place for heroism in real life, with heroic acts gaining widespread…
Topic: Sociology Words: 326 Pages: 1

Social Network Theory and Migration Study

There is a well-established field of study in the empirical literature on the function of social networks in the formation and continuance of migratory movements…
Topic: Sociology Words: 574 Pages: 2

Caterpillar Inc.: Strategic Management

Caterpillar Inc.’s Measures to Verify Its Strategic Effectiveness Caterpillar is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialized equipment for the mining, construction, and transportation…
Topic: Business Words: 673 Pages: 2

Museum Management Changes and Challenges

From an ethical standpoint, the Metropolitan Museum of Art policy in New York does raise questions. It would be fairer to indicate on the signs…
Topic: Art Words: 329 Pages: 1

Analysis of the Work of Harriet Jacobs

Introduction The study of literary works of various times can provide valuable insight into the social structure and opinions. Hence, this work aims to study…
Topic: Literature Words: 2011 Pages: 7

Terror and Spiritualism in the Lord’s Resistance Army

Introduction Contemporary military conflicts are rarely between nation-states – instead, they largely happen within the states’ borders and involve non-state actors. Insurgent groups built around…
Topic: Warfare Words: 1412 Pages: 5

Discussion of the Biological Life of Plants

Introduction Since ancient times, when humankind was a small group of people, nature has been a means to existence. Despite this, many years later, society…
Topic: Sciences Words: 652 Pages: 2

Consumer Behavior Theory and Practical Implications

Introduction Understanding customer is a concept that revolves around the proper examination of why individuals buy a particular product and their manner of decision making.…
Topic: Economics Words: 1236 Pages: 4

Scientific Research and Animals Ethic

Introduction “Should animals be used for research?” – perhaps this is one of the most controversial issues of modern science. Proponents of trials point to…
Topic: Sociology Words: 407 Pages: 1

The Effects of Terrorism in the United Kingdom

Introduction Terrorism can be described as any act of violence, a threat to cause violence or any kind of a harmful activity that is based…
Topic: Warfare Words: 9775 Pages: 12

The Evolution of Mass Murder by Nazis

German troops initiated Operation Barbarossa on June 22nd, 1941, an unexpected attack on the Soviet Union. The Nazis did not consider Operation Barbarossa a typical…
Topic: Warfare Words: 582 Pages: 2

The Date Rape Research Methodology

Although date rape has been addressed by researchers in the past decades, it remains a serious problem in different countries. Both qualitative and quantitative methods…
Topic: Sciences Words: 565 Pages: 2

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