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The “Newsies” Movie by Sullivan and Calhoun

Introduction Newsies was filmed live on stage at Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, California. It is a musical movie directed by Brett Sullivan and Jeff Calhoun.…
Topic: Art Words: 1437 Pages: 5

Culture, Leadership, and Innovation in Organizations

Abstract The purpose of this literature review and case study is to examine the effects of specific cultural aspects and leadership styles (primarily destructive leadership)…
Topic: Business Words: 6065 Pages: 22

Entrepreneurship and Religious Views

Entrepreneurs often prefer to omit the discussion of their religious views to achieve higher sales in a business that may violate Christian rules. Indeed, religion…
Topic: Business Words: 276 Pages: 1

Spike Lee’s Expressiveness in Do The Right Thing Film

Correctly implementing various filming strategies is an essential part of artistic expression delivered through motion pictures. Successfully conveying specific ideas and establishing the desired atmosphere…
Topic: Art Words: 284 Pages: 1

Advantages of Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders focus on motivating their employees, inspiring them, and living them intellectually challenging tasks based on their needs (Belias and Koustelios, 2014). One benefit…
Topic: Business Words: 551 Pages: 1

How to Evaluate Corporate Strategy in Six Steps

Internal consistency According to Tilles (1963), corporate strategy is internally consistent if its policies align with each other and contribute to organizational goals. An example…
Topic: Business Words: 500 Pages: 2

Investment Appraisal: Purpose and Importance

Investment activity is performed mainly under conditions of uncertainty, which arises from a lack of knowledge and randomness. The purpose of appraisal of investment projects…
Topic: Economics Words: 201 Pages: 1

Walmart’s Global Expansion to South Korea

Introduction Walmart is a retail company that owns a chain of discount department stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores in the United States, in addition to…
Topic: Business Words: 1466 Pages: 4

Law: Mrs. Maloney’s Case

Introduction A diminished mental capacity is a condition where a person cannot bear primary responsibility for their misdemeanor and committed crimes. An alleged defender might…
Topic: Law Words: 534 Pages: 2

Holistic Assessment and Care Plans

Introduction Cardiogenic shock is a condition caused by decreased cardiac output due to impaired contractility of the heart. Acute myocardial infarction is the main cause…
Topic: Medicine Words: 526 Pages: 2

Organizational Global Supply Chain

In business production, the slowest step of the supply chain process is called bottleneck, which is the most limiting constraint on the system. A global…
Topic: Business Words: 649 Pages: 2

Judicial Precedents in the Educational Law

Introduction Judicial precedent is one of the most important sources of U.S. law. This institution can perform both regulatory and rulemaking activities. This does not…
Topic: Law Words: 896 Pages: 3

Keeping up in a Changing Industry

Victoria’s Secret is a famous brand in the women’s undergarment industry that has built a high sexual image around tall, thin models. However, despite its…
Topic: Business Words: 315 Pages: 1

Catfishing: How Do We Protect the Vulnerable

Catfishing has become a prominent phenomenon in modern online communications. The victims of catfishing often receive the blame for falling into it and are labeled…
Topic: Sociology Words: 333 Pages: 1

Gilgamesh Quests and Their Comparison

The Epic of Gilgamesh is the oldest known record of myths that presents a two-part story about the king of Uruk. This piece of literature…
Topic: Literature Words: 321 Pages: 1

Songkran: The Traditional Thai New Year

Thai people celebrate Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year, annually following each day of the festival from April 13 to April 15 with specific practices.…
Topic: Culture Words: 403 Pages: 1

The Counselor Professional Identity

Abstract The article and podcast are focused on one common theme – the professional identity of the consultant. The report by Burns and Cruikshanks investigated…
Topic: Sociology Words: 1450 Pages: 5

Confederation and Constitution in America

The article of confederation attempted to bring equality and balance to the supreme powers of the states with a compelling national government. It incorporated that…
Topic: History Words: 381 Pages: 1

The Fruit of the Spirit in the Church

Introduction The Holy Spirit, part of the Holy Trinity, is an essential aspect of the Christian dogma and faith. The Holy Spirit dwells in a…
Topic: Religion Words: 2741 Pages: 10

DaVita Company’s Organizational Structure

Since organizations tend to obtain different purposes and goals, as well as products and services, they are structured differently as well. The organizational structure might…
Topic: Business Words: 294 Pages: 1

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