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Google Company’s Success and Challenges

Factors responsible for the growth and popularity of search engines

Search engines like Google and Yahoo have in the recent past experienced exponential growth despite the volatile economic conditions facing businesses today. These conditions include lower working capital, unpredictable financial situations, and poor marketing. Therefore, business management has been forced to rethink their strategies and adopt those that will reduce their operational costs and remain profitable and competitive. This has necessitated the use of a search engine such as Goggle to conduct internet marketing.

Another reason for the growth of search engines is the drastic shift of businesses to internet marketing from traditional advertising. The use of search engines by companies to market, recruit, and make other vital advertisements has led to a drastic fall in the use of magazines, newspapers, and other publications. Portals and online publications have become the lifeline of many businesses that have higher advertising demands. These factors have seen search engines like Google and Yahoo make massive profits due to increased demand.

Moreover, internet penetration has risen in recent years, with over one billion people using search engines. For instance, changes in consumer behavior, increased presence of social media and search traffic, growth in mobile and video advertising, among others, have contributed to the development of search engines. Some of the applications include Ad Sense, Google TV, and popular yahoo sites.

Success factors at Google

Good management, innovation, and employee involvement

The 21st century has witnessed new ideologies being brought into the management of search engines. Google has assumed a robust democratic model of management whereby it encourages innovation and the fact that its workers are free to support and seek improvements of various ideologies at all levels. The government at Google often avails resources that enable the company employees to come up with the most effective strategies for building new structures and products that take the company to the next level. As a tool for empowerment, all employees feel part and parcel of the organization and therefore responsible for any ideology being executed from different units. Through excellent communication, its management and workers can link their ideas with emerging technologies, either outsourced or developed within the company. Also, the government at Google has understood that through objective questioning and criticism, new ideologies are easily improved, and duplication of efforts is greatly minimized.

Google’s culture is based on the fact that the development and improvement of the organization have to be progressive and harmonic. The organizational culture at Google has acted as a pillar that holds together views and propels innovation to the next level.

Challenges faced by search engines

Search engines face myriads of challenges due to millions of contents added and removed each day from the World Wide Web. Besides, technology is growing at a breakneck pace, and the demand for more search engines by computer-savvy individuals and consumers is increasing each day. This presents the problem among search engines of keeping up with the speed and changes required to meet consumer demands.

Besides, WebCrawler has in the last decade presented a significant problem to search engines. The trickery used by smart and shady businesses to replace quality content through indexing web contents presents a threat to search engines. Also, other threats emanate from spammers. This has led to a lack of control of respective search engines such as Google and Yahoo. However, Google has developed new algorithms to assist in eliminating spammers and consequently enhance internet growth.

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