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Organizational Environment and Culture Study


Management of business organizations, not-for-profit organizations as well as public premises revolves around creating an enabling environment in which employees can make use of their strengths and talents for the well being of an organization. It also entails facilitating the establishment of long-term beneficial and trustworthy relationships between an organization and other parties including customers, suppliers, shareholders, authorities as well as competitors.

Therefore, students of management as well as practicing managers require a deep understanding of the complex concept of organization. The purpose of this task is to provide a personal statement on how research in topics of organizational culture, organizational environment, and managing organizations in a global environment will add value to my theoretical management knowledge gained in class.

Research in Organizational Culture and the Organizational Environment

Organizations are essentially people who share common desired goals, interests, and aspirations. Furthermore, virtually all organizational activities involve dealing with people within and outside an organization. Generally, a society of people gradually adopts a given way of life that defines their value system, beliefs, how different duties are allocated and shared between and among them, and the way they react to various situations. Likewise, organizations by virtue of having people who share common goals and objectives, embrace the distinct value and belief systems as well as duty-allocation mechanisms which make up what is termed as their organizational culture.

Research in organizational culture will enable me to understand how organizational culture impacts the establishment of good relations between and among employees and organizational team work efforts which is critical to the ultimate achievement of an organization’s goals and objectives.

It will also help me establish how organizational culture influences customer service which is key to profit maximization and the ability of an organization to retain its solvency because its customers are the major source of its revenue. Exploring organizational culture will help me find out how organizational culture affects an organization’s capability in establishing significant and valuable relationships with suppliers, shareholders, financiers, or donors in case of non-profit organizations, authorities, the wider society, and business rivals.

The knowledge that I will obtain through research in organizational culture will enable me to learn how to facilitate inculcation and nurturing of values and virtues in practice that is critical to the establishment of superior customer service and advantageous relationships with other important stakeholders. The organizational environment is as critical to the success of an organization as an organizational culture. The organizational environment consists of a complex matrix within which an organization carries out its activities. Most importantly it is a major source of factors that determines whether an organization succeeds in attaining its goals and objectives or it does not. In practice, the most successful managers are normally those with an in-depth understanding of the environments in which their organizations operate.

To begin with, research in the organizational environment will allow me to establish significant complexities that surround diverse organizational environments learned in class. Secondly, it will make it possible for me to understand how each environment impacts the performance of an organization in various aspects. For instance, it will enable me to find out how socio-cultural surroundings influence employee productivity and their relations with customers.

Study in an organizational environment will help me see how the political environment affects the general performance of an organization. It will also assist me to understand better the role of the ever-changing technological environment in the performance of an organization. Thirdly, exploring organizational culture alongside organizational environment will help me understand how an organization should promote values that are in harmony with its various organizational environments which as noted earlier are the main source of factors that determine its success. In short, research in the organizational environment will definitely add great value to my managerial knowledge and skills beyond class.

Research in Managing Organizations in a Global Environment

All well established modern business organizations are seeking to expand into foreign markets in order to maximize their profits and leverage their competitive advantages through economies of scale. In addition, by expanding into international markets business organizations seek to access profitable markets and valuable resources like cheap labor and raw materials.

Consequently, managers require knowledge and skills relevant to the management of organizations in an international environment within a world that is increasingly becoming smaller thanks to Information Communication Technology (ICT). Most non-profit organizations’ operations are international by virtue of having activities across the globe where their target groups are found.

Research in managing organizations in a global environment will enable me to identify the best methods that an organization can adopt in its attempts to establish itself in a new foreign market. The kind of approach that an organization chooses is critical because it determines how fast an organization is able to get a market niche and thus start making profits. It will also enable me to gain knowledge about how managers can create a work environment that is friendly to various employees who come from different cultural backgrounds.

In addition, it will help me find out how an organization can win the loyalty of new customers and other important parties including suppliers, authorities among others in a foreign market. In short, research in managing organizations in a global environment will assist me to obtain relevant international business management know-how and skills.

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