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Products Promotion ans Advertising Mix

What promotion makes the designer’s/brand’s products different from its competitors?

When promoting designer products, the company needs to ensure that its products are unique and offer high utility and satisfaction to the target market. Promotional strategies should ensure that a company’s products are attractive and can be differentiated from products offered by competitors for their quality, reliability, and durability (Kotler & Kevin, 2006).

Promotional methods that a the designer store should implement to differentiate its products involve innovation of new designs, the invention of new designs as well as improving current fashion; in the case that the company has come up with a unique product, that was not previously in the market, the company should consider applying for copyrighting protection.

The fashion industry involves being unique as well as the first to grasp the fashion that has come in the market; with this in mind, the company should always ensure it establishes niche markets in the market and addresses their needs effectively.

The main issue that hinders a company’s promotional campaigns is having products that are considered outdated or products that do not meet the needs of the target market. Price is another factor that influences the success of a promotional strategy; value for money is the most paramount aspect that a company should consider when determining the costs of their products. They should ensure that they are not over-priced or under-priced (Kerin & Peterson, 2009).

Changing the promotional mix using products/good strategy

For an effective promotional mix, the quality of the products being promoted plays an important role in the success of the campaigns; the company should consider developing and stocking high-quality products have the ability to offer high utility to customers. To ensure that the goods are of high quality as well as they are unique, the company should align the supply chain systems with the organizational strategies to ensure that right from the supply of materials, value, and quality is maintained.

Product development research should be part and parcel of the company and ensure that they well understand the target market so that it can improve the products with the needs of the community; in some cases, there are markets (niche markets) that are not satisfied by the prevailing market situation or the available fashion and products do not fit the market; the company should ensure they understand this niche needs and provide products in that effect (Anon, 2010).

Changing the advertising mix using products/good strategy

When developing an advertising mix, the quality of the product is paramount; advertising has the main aim of persuading potential buyers to buy the company’s products as well as develop, maintain and restore customer loyalty. With changing consumer needs (consumer behavior), a company needs to have an effective strategy that improves the products for an effective advertising campaign (Anon, 2008).

When advertising, the quality assured should be genuine, thus there is a need to have improved product quality and ensure that the need of the target market has been met effectively. On the other hand when goods have been created and more brands are introduced, then the company is likely to meet the demand of target customers as they emerge.

For an effective advertising mix, a company needs to have products that satisfy the needs of their customers; this calls for products development, and differentiation (Christ, 2008).


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