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Virtual Concert by Elsbernd: Compositions Analysis

On March 26th, 2021, I had the privilege to review a virtual concert on the YouTube channel. The event took place on November 5th 2020. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this was the safest platform to host and entertain viewers. I can attest that Elsbernd did an incredible job in choosing the performers. From the views, the artists and the host must have been met with praise and applause from the audience. The six videos have played a major role in analyzing the key elements of music. Each music video has a perfect demonstration of harmony, rhythm, form, timbre, texture, and melody as illustrated.

“Unclouded Day” by Conspirare is the first piece to be performed. The setup of the song is in a church, and the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass tones are unmistakable. This has given the song melodious angelic voices worth sacrificing one’s time to listen to. The rhythm of the music is also consistent. It has a repetitive pulse of the verse and the sound pattern from the guitar (Elsbernd, 2020). The choir members, together with the sound instruments, create beautiful melodies that are harmonious. The form of the art is arranged systematically from the verses, and rhythm which depicts the themes, harmony, and the choir arrangement. The timbre produced by the instruments and choir members’ voices is unique and pleasant to the ear. The song’s melody, harmony, and rhythm have blended, resulting in a dense texture of the sound.

The second piece to be performed was “Minor Swing” by Reinhard. The genre of the song is Jazz, and it is sung as a Gypsy Jazz song. The melody of the song is quite technical as it is not ordinary. The rhythm of the music is relatively consistent, and it is achieved by the use of drums, suiters, and the saxophone. The harmony of the art is represented by performers in black and white, with short hair while using instruments. The music adopted jazz form, the texture of the music ranges between low, medium, and high, and the timbre of the artwork has been achieved using instruments.

The third piece presented was WTC 1 prelude and fugue in B-flat major BWV 866 by Bach. The artwork melody is desirable and can easily be memorized. The rhythm has been achieved using the guitar, and it has a good flow throughout the song. The instruments supporting the song’s melody and the chord and the vocals set up in a chilled environment have brought out the song’s harmony. The form of the music has a symphony together with the instrument, melody, and harmony. The timber is unique, and the texture of the music ranges from low, to medium to high.

“Wedding Day at Troldhaugen” by Grieg is the fourth piece performed. All the music elements are demonstrated desirably. The melody of the music is memorable and pleasing to the ear. The sound of the piano produces a rhythmic flow of the song. The piece setup, the instrument used, and the sound made have helped achieve the rhythmic flow. The form of the music follows a specific structure of the rhythm and sound and the shape the instruments have taken. The music timber is unique and appealing and the texture for the song beautifully ranges from the low, middle, to high.

The New Century Saxophone Quartet presents the fifth and most exciting composure. Four members sing the song with saxophone instruments. The song’s harmony is eye-catching by the setup assuming a black theme with a touch of blue. The texture of the music is also soft and has brought out the consistency. The melody for the song is beautiful, memorable, and desirable. The form of the piece has been determined by the tune and setup of the music and the arrangement of instruments. The timber for the song is uniquely melodious.

The sixth piece of the concert is Marquez Orquesta by Dudamel. It has a highly desirable melody. The rhythm of the song has been achieved by blending the sound instruments that including the saxophones, flutes, French horns, trumpets, and violin. Music harmony is demonstrated by the fancy music set up, tools, and a team dressed in black and white. The form of the music has depicted the royal family setup. The timber for the music is soft, and the texture of the piece is dense.

Throughout the virtual concert, each of the six pieces is performed and the time taken ranges from 3:14 minutes to 9:42 minutes for the highest. It is interesting how different artists blend performance and make it more beautiful by using different singing and playing styles. Some have sung melodious voices, and some have only used musical instruments. That is the beauty of art, and it implies that artists require all the vital elements of music styles to be successful in their careers. Music is an art and to successfully pass the message to the audience, artists should address the key elements of music. They include harmony, melody, texture, form, timbre, and rhythm that an artist will embrace.


Elsbernd, M. (2020). Virtua Concert#10 [Video].

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