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Visual Advert: Dogs and Their Humans

The image being analyzed is a visual advert which was in Time Magazine of 17th July 2017. Time is an American magazine that is published every week. However, the distribution of its content takes place all over the world. Thus, its known editions are Time Europe for reaching out to Africa and the Middle East, Time Asia which covers the Asian continent, and Time South Pacific disseminating messages in Australia and New Zealand (Lee and Hyejoon 556). It implies that the advert sought the attention of people all over the world. As suggested by the name “Time”, the magazine contains brief content which saves time for readers. The concentration of the reader is drawn by a highly captivating agenda in the magazine (Lee and Hyejoon 557). The advert, on the other hand, is about high technology for monitoring pets, specifically, dogs. This paper analyzes the visual art in the advert with emphasis on its potency to draw the attention of readers at the first sight.

Dogs and Their Humans

Friendship and love are invaluable virtues that are maintained continuously through staying connected. Happiness is well established when an individual knows that his or her circle of friends is intact and safe. Thus, keeping updated about the affairs and trends of friends or lovers becomes a routine duty in the social environment. The same happens with lovers of pets (Simola et al. 250). The picture brings about the essence of keeping friendship lively with pets. Boldly printed in the art, it accentuates the idea that “best friends always stay in touch.” Having such frontline information in Time magazine will capture the attention of a reader who skims over the content. People often get fascinated by friendship, even when traitors have already disheartened one. The artist considered perfect diction to initiate the attraction of readers by putting in the phrase “best friends” (Yegoryan et al. 293). The reader would get curious about what the content is all about. Especially, people in cosmopolitan environments like New York, where social co-existence influences wellness in life.

Dogs and Their Humans

The inviting content of the advert with a bold impression about friendship

Intimate connections initiate focus towards a prevailing direction or to achieve a given objective through joint efforts. It means that friends who are in touch will be connected in mind, which is evident through the agreement of verbal communication and unison in movement. As displayed in the advert, the woman and the dog bring into clarity the aspect of being in intact touch as friends (Simola et al. 258). Often humans’ hugs are the expression of happiness in embracing friendship. Similarly, the dog is confident in the hands of the woman as its friend. They are not only focused on a prevailing direction but are also having their sights on a single spot. Probably, their attention is interrupted by an intriguing event just as it always happens between people, making them stay focused on one direction or common objective as friends. The focus of a hurried reader will quickly conceive the idea of friendship being disseminated in the advert. The woman and her dog represent best friends who stay in touch (Simola et al. 259). Before getting into the main list in the advert, the reader will quickly conclude that what is being communicated is essential for keeping connected among individuals who call themselves “best friends”.

Dogs and Their Humans

The dog and its owner attentive to an incidence

Capturing the attention of readers in an advert requires the blending of the information in visual art to make the readers stay on the page for some substantial time. The uniformity in the coloration of the visual art makes an impressive instinct to the audience, thereby, increasing the urge to view at first sight (Wang et al. 278). The bright sky entirely brings the color contrast on the background and grey uniformity of the casual outfit of the woman and her dog’s fur. Possibly, the audience will be easily convinced to have a deep insight into the message the advert is conveying to the public. Considering that this content is published in a weekly magazine, a compilation of information it would be taken with curiosity as every advert should do to the public. Moreover, the color match impacts the audience with a sense of the love of uniformity human friends embrace on different occasions (Yegoryan et al. 300). The woman and her dog are in one accord, as displayed in their friendship.

Visual adverts are meant to build curiosity in the audience and stimulate them to take action towards purchasing the product or service on display. In the foreground is the Link Smart Collar for dogs well zoomed to shift the audience’s attention. It is fixed in the picture advert on a different background from that of the woman and her dog (Wang et al. 270). Possibly, a curious reader with limited time for detailed information will catch the glimpse that the plan in the art is a collar as a product on sale. Well presented on an executive surface, the picture magnifies not only to the vision but also to the conscience of the reader that the dogs’ collar is a quality product (Yegoryan et al. 301). Publishing such an advert in a popular magazine captured the attention of audiences who embrace the love for pets and want to stay connected to them all the time.

Dogs and Their Humans

Well zoomed image of the product on a new background to impress the audience. The capture raises the curiosity of the reader easily

Well-organized information in the process of advertising a product makes the audience active in engaging with the visual display. Pictures for advertisement should contain limited writing to give room for maximum visual attraction as evident in the designed art (Simola et al. 252). The image directly informs the audience what the marketing plan is about. By inviting the reader with the question, “do you speak dogs?” the advert puts into conscience that the product is about dogs. Immediately, the dog with sharp vision is captured in the owner’s hands. The suggestion made by the rhetorical question in the picture informs the reader of a significant product necessary for every person who owns a dog. Being that many people have dogs at home for pets and security, the sense of aggression of dogs displayed in the picture makes it attractive to know about the product. More interestingly, the image tries to unveil the answer to the question within the advert by saying that any person who speaks about dogs must stay in touch with them as a best friend. “Do you speak dogs? Best friends always stay in touch.” The communication inclines the curiosity about what the product does to keep a person connected to his or her dog (Simola et al. 254). It implies that the visual advert builds the interest of the audience about the product.

Dogs and Their Humans

The advert; inviting question at the top left corner, bold answer, product features surrounding it, and inviting statement to for audience make a purchase

Adverts tell about services obtained from a product or its usefulness upon being purchased by a client. Surrounding the Link Smart Collar for dogs is the intention for which the company built it. The writings encompass the product in the picture, thereby, informing the audience what the bright collar will do to them as a friend of dogs. Beginning with fitting the size of any dog, it builds to conscience that it is not limited to the age of a pet. As an aspect of routine engagement in a lovely business with the dog, the Smart Collar alerts the dog about activities it will get involved in at specific times (Meisner et al. 163). Fitted with location tracking, the advert informs the audience that his or her dog will be safe upon purchasing the collar for it. The arrangement of the feature of the GPS Smart Collar in writings quickly fixes the mind of the reader on the product.

Adverts build inspiration in the audience to get purchasing the product on display. The visual art tells precisely the purpose of the collars and informs of how it would easily connect the dog and its owner. It is already on the dog’s neck in the picture, well fitted, and drives the reader’s attention to its full purpose. Moreover, the designer amplifies the intended use by writing that, “for the first time you’re able to truly stay connected to your dog no matter where you go or how far away they may roam” (Simola et al. 260). It builds confidence in the audience and immediately directs him or her to the link of the product. Conclusively, the advert is well designed and leads the audience to the point of making a purchase.

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