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Analysis of Major Incident with Hazardous Chemicals

Companies should be especially careful when transporting hazardous chemicals. If the mandatory conditions are not met, incidents of varying severity may occur, which will entail harmful consequences. One example of such an incident is the case. When an Italian tanker in 2000 en route from Southampton to Genoa sank with chemical products on board. The ship was carrying four thousand tons of styrene and one thousand tons of methyl ethyl ketone and isopropyl alcohol each.

Even though the mentioned chemicals are characterized by moderate toxicity to aquatic organisms, they can still have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, all the components were mixed in the water, and styrene-isoprene rose to the sea’s surface and quickly evaporated (“Ievoli Sun”, 2020). Despite this, more than a thousand tons of styrene were lost at sea during the incident, which led to an air column of vapors. In addition, there was air and water pollution in the immediate vicinity of the crash site.

Urgent and timely actions were taken to avoid an increase in harmful effects. These negative impacts were water pollution not only with chemicals but also with fuel from the ship. Firstly, the observation of the affected area by French aircraft was organized, and special buoys limited the place itself (“Ievoli Sun”, 2020). Even though the cause of the accident was severe weather conditions and not the wrong actions of the crew, it is necessary to clearly define the rules and actions that must be followed when transporting such harmful substances.

When transporting chemicals, compliance with established international rules that must be followed is of particular importance. This documentation implies knowledge of the hazards of transporting chemicals from one point to another and the use in critical situations of the best and most effective methods of operation and avoidance of dangerous incidents both at the facility and beyond.

Knowledge of the regulatory framework is only a fundamental concept that must be strictly observed, but they are not enough. Hence, a critical aspect is the availability of appropriate kits for chemical spills. It is imperative to use spill kits that correspond to the chemicals being transported. Moreover, to avoid such a case, it is necessary to clearly assess the weather conditions when dealing with such chemicals. In addition, it is necessary to properly separate the mixed classes of substances to avoid the risk of reaction during their transportation. In vehicles such as a ship, it is also essential to make sure that the containers with chemicals are well secured and not to move or fall. As a preventive measure, special attention can also be paid to hiring qualified specialists who know how to behave in case of chemical incidents. It is also vital to ensure that the company uses registered carriers to transport dangerous substances.

Therefore, in conclusion, the transportation of chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol must comply with several rules to limit the possibility of dangerous incidents. In the example of the shipwreck in 2000, weather conditions played a role, which led to a catastrophe and water pollution with chemicals. However, the correct work of transport personnel and the collaborative work of other services helped minimize the consequences of the accident and avoid a deterioration of the situation. The transportation of dangerous goods poses significant threats to people and the environment, so the recommendations include measures that must be followed at all stages of this process.


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