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BlackLivesMatter and MeToo Tweets Visualization


Without any doubt, one should note that the World Wide Web, today, covers almost all spheres of public life. Following this, there is a need for a more detailed and in-depth study of the structure, nature, essence, and systems of networks, especially social ones, which are the most popular among Internet users. Experts in virtual space and technologies have learned to filter out unnecessary information and find the most significant. For example, they have been using various algorithms when defining some networks formed by communities, such as centralization, density, and reciprocity. Hence, the Netlytic service also helps in this procedure, which perfectly copes with analyzing texts and social networks (Netlytic n.d.). Visualization of two types of tweets, comparison of centralization, reciprocity, and density, and identification of the best accounts are critical aspects that will be discussed in this paper.

BlackLivesMatter Tweets

[1] Tweet by Mike Griffin @votegriffin:

“Huge crowd demanding justice. #AmirLocke #BlackLivesMatter.”


  • 61 Quote Tweets;

[2] Tweet by Wick @ @imUrB00gieman:

“#BlackLivesMatter “has nothing to do with advancing the lives of black people…” Be a real shame if this went viral. Smiling face with sunglasses #MAGAHULK Flexed bicepsFlexed bicepsFlexed bicepsFlag of United States.”


  • 90 Quote Tweets;

MeToo Tweets

[1] Tweet by The Rowan Project @therowanproject:

“It’s Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week. It’s important to encourage the conversation & challenge the myths about rape, sexual assault & sexual abuse which minimize the gravity of the crimes and lessen the ability to hold perpetrators to account #ItsNotOk #MeToo #VAWG.”


  • 42 Quote Tweets;

[2] Tweet by Dhanya Mani @dhanyajmani:

“It hurts that WOC are always erased from cultural milestones.

I launched a campaign to end sexual violence and serious misconduct against women in politics in 2018. Tessa was the first WOC in politics to speak out upon #MeToo taking off in Australia. We deserve to be seen.”


  • 14 Quote Tweets;

Visualization of the Replies

In order to compare the two types of tweets, one should visualize them in the form of the following table and chart.

Tweets Retweets Quote tweets Likes
#blacklivesmatter1 1714 61 8064
#blacklivesmatter2 143 90 1868
#meetoo1 620 42 1072
#meetoo2 187 14 107


Comparison of Both Networks in Terms of Centralization, Reciprocity, and Density


The concept of centralization is based on those elements that assure that the central agent of the network is the one who has the most connections. As a rule, in the Tweets using the #blacklivesmatter, the main “actors” are the politicians or influential activists who gather much public attention. Unfortunately, those personalities who use the #Metoo hashtag are not as popular as they were supposed to be. Basically, these are not only celebrities who have suffered from the unflattering behavior of Harvey Weinstein but also ordinary women who experience stress and anxiety based on harassment in everyday life.


When defining a population using reciprocity, two “players” either have a connection or not. When analyzing the population from the Tweets in this assignment, the community using the #blacklivesmatter has reciprocity of.333 while one using the #metoo has a.667 reciprocity. In the Tweets of the #blacklivesmatter, people would reply to the primary Tweet and further discuss this issue affecting them in the comments section. In the Tweets using the #metoo, the community can be defined as average reciprocity as an actor replies to the main post but does not furthermore concern the problem in the comments section.


Density implies the ratio of the available connections in the network to the possible maximum number of relationships in the web with a given number of vertices. It should be assumed that the density of links is rich and diverse from the point of view of the #blacklivesmatter hashtag, close to the value of 1. Consequently, #Metoo has a value of 0, and the statements of the young girls are not so popular against the background of current events related to the suppression of African Americans by police officers. The community is densely populated in the Tweets using the #blacklivesmatter as one character can have more than two reactions. However, the population using #MeeToo, a character is likely to have only one response; hence the population has a low density.

Outdegree (Tweets Posted) in #blacklivesmatter

Jazz Fans Againist Racism @AntiRacistJazz;

UR a Smart Ass, Carl @ cleflore23;

Wick @imUrBOOgieman;

JackieOm @ThatsLiSuga;

ASBCARSKANO @asbscarskano;

Lulo@ LuloNFTs;


Sir. Omayo @ Sir_Omayo;

Beautiful mess @ Hellenie265.

Indegree (Mentions Received) #blacklivesmatter


Karl @ SaintKarlthe3rd;

Mason Lake Media @ MasonLakePhoto;

Joe Norton @ JoeNortoni;

Lyna & Sookie @ honestlyna;

Barbaariye@ Badbaaddo;

Vanessa @ Vanessa76701616;

LogicalGuy @LogicalGuy1;

Phillipe Copeland @PTheeEducator;


Outdegree (Tweets Posted) in #Metoo

The Roman Project @ the Roman Project;

Voorzij-Feminisme komt op boot vrouwenrechten @ voorzij;

Valentine@ valentine_2;

Joyce Roodnat @ JoyceRoodnat;

Shall Grover @ salltweets;

NO CONTEXT ZAYN@thoughtsofzaddy;

Super Tanskii@supertanskii;

PoliticsGirl @IAMPoliticsGirl;

Dhanya Mani @dhanyamani.

Indegree (Mentions Received) #Metoo

Van Hiertot Gender @ pisanettes;

Romy @RomylsWeg;

Big daddy @ Mickeyms_biatch;

K3@ k3micah;

Thea Bakhuijs @ TheaBakuijs;

Vaccilotte R @ Charlot2409;

Jarrett York @ JarretyYork8;

Tashmia_Owen @ dancinginshado;

Madeline Black@madblack65;

Katherine@ kathali e24.

Best Accounts and Hierarchy

In fact, the Tweets using the #blacklivesmatter hashtag are more hierarchical than ones using #Metoo because the #blacklivesmatter is more historical and documental, used for political, social, and community purposes. The #Metoo, indeed, is a current topic, but many responders are ordinary citizens. Although posting a tweet in this situation, people need to find an ally in their trouble and share feelings and emotions (TEDx Talks 2019). Consequently, the #blacklivesmatter affects a more significant population than the #Metoo.


Studying the nature and essence of social networks and their main elements is a complex and challenging task. Moreover, Netlytic is a great way to analyze data, as well as competent, reliable, and effective interpretation of necessary and meaningful information. With its help, it was possible to create a correct representation regarding the #blacklivesmatter and #Metoo movements. In this case, it was revealed that the campaign protecting the rights and opportunities of African American citizens received a wide, comprehensive public response. At the same time, the #Metoo can also be described as popular, but in comparison with the level of responses, it is not as significant as the “black movement.”


Netlytic. n.d. “Making Sense of Online Conversations.” Netlytic. Web.

TEDx Talks. 2019. “The Effects of Social Media on Relationships | Mayurakshi Ghosal | TEDxYouth@DAA”. YouTube video. Web.

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