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The Meaning of Social Media for a Modern User

What is the meaning of social media for a modern user? Many people today cannot imagine their lives without Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They use digital applications for work and social activities, often without realizing the significance of the actions performed through online communication. Social media are interactive technological platforms for exchanging information between friends and relatives, providing access to various news and facts, and entertaining users who have spare time.

Interaction with people is an essential factor for human well-being, and social media make it possible even in restricted conditions. Work, living in different places, and busy schedules often leave talking or messaging through smart devices the single possibility to discuss concerns about the loved one’s physical or emotional state. Moreover, during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, chats and video calls have been frequently the only available option for relatives and friends to communicate with each other. People ask questions about health issues, show sympathy, and support in difficult times, and plan their future using such communication tools as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram (Biały, 2017). Couples can speak with each other in separation to express romantic feelings. Social media allow the users to type their messages, talk through video streaming, or exchange photographs to receive the needed amount of personal communication even distantly.

The pace of life today is fast and people rely on social media to acquire relevant information regarding news, regulations, and transportation access. They observe the progress regarding COVID-19 spreading and treatment, as well as updates on travel restrictions using digital applications as fact providers. Travelers can estimate the timeframes and possibilities of returning home, those whose relatives got a disease hope for news about the vaccine, and others adjust their long-term goals based on the available data. Social media channels are fast in spreading and sharing information as soon as it becomes open to the public (Biały, 2017). In addition, users send it to each other through links to articles, screenshots, and short descriptions. Therefore, social networks are quick tools that allow sharing of information efficiently.

Communication applications provide access to various entertaining services, such as magazine articles, games, and photo galleries. People need ways to occupy their minds during commuting, during waiting periods, or during times when they want to relax. Social media encourage users to choose their preferred method of amusement from millions of different groups, pages, and chats (Biały, 2017). They can find ways to appreciate art, literature, or video content online through their smartphones or computers. Furthermore, people share their interests and hobbies through Internet discussions even if the sources of the shared materials are located outside of a particular network. Also, technological opportunities allowed numerous start-ups in different creative spheres, such as animation or music, to offer new products to online clients. This way, social media grant users access to various entertainment sources through digital services.

In conclusion, online applications are inseparable from the daily lives of many modern people. Social media provide technological space for users to communicate with each other and exchange information about their environment. People support their relatives and friends during the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic through messengers and video conferences. They also acquire the latest available information regarding federal travel restrictions and medical regulations. Finally, social networks entertain users through texts, images, and interactive activities. Social media are tools that play a crucial role in the world today.


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