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Dealing with People You Can’t Stand

There are various individuals within society who we cannot deal with effectively due to various reasons. Likewise, there are other people within the society who cannot deal with some of us within the community. However, it is the responsibility of every member of the community to ensure that they live in harmony with other people within the community. This paper strives to highlight some of the various ways that an individual can implement to ensure that an individual can deal with people they cannot stand in society. Most of the insights were derived from Dr. Rick Brinkman’s book, Dealing with People You Can’t Stand.

One of the most significant chapters that I found to be very valuable was the fourth chapter which elaborates on transitioning from conflict to cooperation. It equips an individual with skills that can be effective in solving various disputes that arise within the community. Dr. Rick elaborates that it is appropriate for an individual to create a good rapport when meeting new people in different circumstances (Brinkman & Kirschner, 2012). Ensuring a good rapport creates a good understanding between new groups, enhancing cooperation. This skill is essential since it enables a person to blend well and quickly when socializing with new people.

Chapter five was also one of the most insightful chapters, highlighting the importance of listening to understand. Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of the corporation within a society or an entity. Communication is only successful when the final recipient is able to understand the content of the message (Brinkman & Kirschner, 2012). The skill of effective listening to understand enables one to think before making any decision. Listening to understand also enables a person to ensure clarity before responding to different messages to reply according to the sender’s expectations effectively.

Another important theme that was portrayed in the book was how to deal with bad behavior in a positive way. There are poorly mannered individuals and hence end up having a poor relationship with other individuals within the community. However, Dr. Rick elaborates that various measures can be undertaken to control the poor behaviors of other people (Brinkman & Kirschner, 2012). He also elaborates that dealing with such cases professionally is a long-term solution since it ensures positivity when approaching such individuals. Positivity enables them to accept their faults positively and work towards changing their behaviors for good.

In part three of the book Dealing with People You Can’t Stand, Dr. Rick highlights some of the different types of people available within the social scene. People living within a given setting possess different characters and attitudes. Dr. Ricks portrays how to deal with different people in a new environment to prevent misunderstandings (Brinkman & Kirschner, 2012). He also explains that not all individuals think that they are affecting other people’s well-being since they feel satisfied by conducting various acts. This skill enables an individual to bring the best out of others even while at their worst point.

Dr. Rick Brinkman majorly aims to ensure that every individual within society possesses the skill of understanding other people. Understanding and accepting other groups within the community is the first step to providing harmony with other people (Brinkman & Kirschner, 2012). The menace of poor relationships between workmates in various organizations has been a major setback to most companies. Can Dr. Rick Brinkman’s insights and concepts of the lenses of understanding be an effective tool to deal with this problem?


Brinkman, R., & Kirschner, R. (2012). Dealing with people you can’t stand : how to bring out the best in people at their worst. Mcgraw-Hill.

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