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Facebook and Accounting Information


The research work presented below has tackled some of professional Accounting sites which use Facebook as intermediary and also as powerful tools in passing information and also receiving comments, questions from clients and the whole public in general. It also outlines the origin of Facebook and the benefits which a Facebook user might get from the adverts and posts.

Origin of Facebook

According to Carlson (pg 1), a guy by name Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 founded a social networking website known as Facebook, which currently has more than 600milion active users.

Facebook has been embraced by every sector more so the Accountants. They use it for dissemination purposes and to represent their firms professionally. This has been made easy by the fact that they can open their account which can be accessed directly by any person for the purpose of being informed.

O’Connell (pg 1), states that it’s critical for clients to have accounting websites for marketing, this is brought about by the need to promote their services online. She adds that Facebook comes in hardy when it comes to promoting and strengthening social presence through Facebook pages.

Facebook pages allow people to connect with you so that you can post information to any person who is your fun.

Facebook page

According to O’Connell (pg 1), there are reasons why one should use Facebook page as an advertising tool.

  • When status is updated on the wall of one’s account it reaches your fun provided they check their feeds regularly. This is quite promising because it gives you a good chance in reaching your target group.
  • When status is ‘liked’ by a person who wants to be your fun all their friends are notified in their news feed. This acts like referral marketing creating a big network of friends.

Dougherty (pg 1), indicated that Google had been overtaken by Facebook as far as number of times the site is visited is concerned. Furthermore O’Connell (pg1), confirmed that those accountants amounting to 88% are in Facebook.

The big four

Facebook has been used by the big four accounting firms namely Deloitte, Ernest & young career, KPMG and Price Water Coopers US careers. All these firms have Facebook pages which they gather information from public and also post and answer questions concerning accounting to their client and anyone who is their fun page.

American Institute of certified public accountant

AICPA site has its fun page which informs the accountants about interviews and job application. It also communicates about developments affecting accounting fraternity.

Journal of accountancy

This page is updated daily and shares information about how accountant can assist their clients by updating them about recent issues putting in mind the dynamic nature of the market.


It’s evident from the above research that Facebook has become integral part of communication and due to great numbers of active users it has become indispensable in our day to day interaction. Many sites have been using Facebook to update their clients and also as a means of referral hence making passing of information easier and instant (Carson pg 1). Despite the fact that there is many complains from parents about how Facebook has adversely affected the performance of their children in school and also robed away their level of creativity due to many hours spent in Facebook, we cannot lay the blame wholly to Facebook because its Economic benefits surpass the social impact, as we have seen from the above research.

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