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Fly Emirates Company’s Training Need Analysis


As part of my business and economics class, I was required to interview a human resource member of Fly Emirates. The meeting was meant to identify the process and effects of training need analysis in the company. Training need analysis is the procedure of recognizing the gap in workers’ development and associated preparation requirements (Baker 23). The article below focuses on the responses of the interviewee.

How to develop a TNA” tools training needs analysis in an organization?

Before conducting organizational training, a training tool should be developed (Charney 90). The tool is developed by determining the desired outcomes, linking the results with workers’ behaviors, identifying training skills, evaluating the competencies, determining the performance gap. Thereafter, the trainers should decide how to train, conduct a cost-benefit analysis, and plan for training evaluation.

What’s the importance of development and why it’s important to develop training?

A contemporary work environment demands that workers be experienced in undertaking multifaceted responsibilities in a competent, cost-effective, and safe manner. Training need analysis is required when personnel is underperforming (McConnell 67). An effective training need analysis recognizes employees who require training and the type of training to be administered. Through this, it aids in putting training capitals to good use.

What tools do you use in training and based on what do you choose the tools?

Several tools can be used in the training needs assessment. They include observation, surveys, and interviews. Observation is utilized when projects being evaluated are observable. Observing how Fly Emirates’ staffs serve their clients is used as the first approach to identifying when employees need more training. Surveys are used in collecting structured data. The data can justify undertaking a training program. Interviews are used in collecting qualitative feedback from the interviewees.

What are the key issues and problems that should be addressed in the design, conduct, and evaluation of training programs?

The key issues that should be tackled in the design, conduct, and assessment of training platforms are as follows:

  • A place to do the training
  • Audio-visual aids required
  • Relevant training materials
  • Facilities to be used
  • Schedule
  • Non –visual aids
  • The trainer to administer the program

The above factors should be selected concerning the training to be conducted.

How would you ensure that the training is effective for an employee within the company?” How much researches needed for example?”

The program must meet certain conditions to make sure that the training is adequate. The training should be practical oriented, should convey new skills, and should instruct new ideas, information, and concepts. It should also, fulfill the company’s objectives. Similarly, two to three follow-up researches should be done to ensure that the training is effective.

Identify best practices in developing training needs analysis and tools?

The best practices for developing training needs analysis are as follows:

  • Evaluate the training courses
  • Come up with an annual training plan for each worker
  • Formulate a budget for the expected cost

The best practices for analysis tools are as follows:

  • Determine the tools to be used in the training
  • Identify the information to be collected by each tool
  • Determine the cost of using each tool

Which practices do you think it’s the best? And w

Evaluating the training courses and determining the tools to be used in the training are the best practices. Establishing the training courses practice will provide a basis for selecting the employees to be trained. On the other hand, the practice to evaluate the tool to be used will offer the best way of gathering information to be used in training needs.

How often is the training offered?

In the company, training is conducted three times a year. The period of training depends on the intention of undertaking the program. Short pieces of training are also carried out regularly whenever a need arises. They include safety and etiquette preparations.

For how long does the training take?

As indicated above, the training period relies on the intention of undertaking the program. Usually, the training takes 3 to 4 days.

Discuss one of the practices that the organization uses the most? And how would they plan to develop the practice?

In their practices, the company depends on employee complaint levels and customer satisfaction levels to determine when and how to train their employees. They plan to develop the methods further to detect the issue at its earlier stage before it affects business operations. Through this, human resource managers will be required to be vigilant to detect changes in employee and customer satisfaction.

How do training and development contribute to the organization’s success?

Training and development contribute to organization success. As such, the programs enable the human resource department to identify underperformance among employees (Sitzmann and Ely 421). Training is undertaken to improve performance.

What is the difference between training and development?

Training is undertaken to increase the competency of incoming employees (Rajeswari and Palanichamy 82). On the other hand, development is carried out to improve the knowledge and mentor the existing workforce.

What Makes an Organization’s Training Plan Strategic? And how does it influence the standard of the organization’s performance and efficiency?

The training plan is strategic for the company. Through training and development programs, employees are taught how to uphold the required international airline standards. By doing so, the company improves its organizational performance and efficiency. Similarly, training improves the company’s productivity.

What are the outcomes of the training? “Results and examples”

In the Fly Emirates, training is conducted to inform the employees about the company’s goals and objectives, changes in airline standards, and ways of surpassing customer expectations.

Do you think TNA “training needs analysis “helps the organization move forward and aim the goal? Explain how?

Training helps the company to move forward and aim at its objectives (Kwek & Cheung 368). It encourages employees to increase their productivity, reduce their turnover, decrease the need for supervision, improve safety measures, and increase their capabilities to use new technologies.

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