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Islam and Christianity Comparison

Both Muslims and Christianity have similarities and differences either in the origin, the beliefs involved, activities, or other aspects. In their origin, both religions trace roots from known people who are said or believed to have a peculiarity. Christianity is said to begin with the followers of Jesus who followed the latter’s footsteps, teachings, and actions, while Muslims emanated from a commitment to the teachings by Muhammad. Both Islam and Christianity believe in one God, termed monotheism. In both religions, God is perceived to be the creator of all things, is loving and forgiving. Both religions contend that the creator has a special relationship with human beings and has covenanted with them. Although there is a great contention between the two religions on Jesus, there is an agreement that the latter performed miracles and was ascended, or raised, to God.

Both religions agree to the idea that Jesus will come to judge all people, and that the destiny for everyone is either heaven or hell. There is an agreement between the two that heaven is eternal. Both religions subscribe to particular traditions of worship or commitment to their God. Both, for example, have a particular day of worship: Muslims on Fridays and Sundays for Christians. During these particular days, faithful are supposed to gather together. Both religions also accept the conception of prayer, almsgiving, and fasting. Both religions recognize certain teachings as important in influencing their lives and use them as the basis to judge things. Muslims use the Quran while Christians use the bible. Both scriptures are regarded to contain certain authority in guiding the faithful of these religions and are inspirational. Both religions have subgroups within them, because of minor differences in their beliefs. Christianity has the largest subdivisions while the major ones in Islam are Sunni and the Shiite. Both religions prescribe to religious authorities such as church fathers, Bishops, for Christians, while Muslims uses Hadith (Religionfact, 2009).


A number of differences can be highlighted between the two religion. Although Islams believe in one God, they do not accept the idea of the Holy Trinity as does the Christians and conceive that believe in the latter is a believe in three Gods. While Christians see Jesus as son of God, He is a highly regarded prophet in Islam religion. Christian believes that He was crucified and resurrected in three days to have man forgiven of his sins. It’s believed that a man’s relationship with God was destroyed by the sinning of Adam (the first man), and can only be restored through salvation i.e. through Jesus Christ. Among the Islam, there is belief that man is born sinless, he cannot receive indulgence and that he or she is responsible for his or her own sins. Man, according to Islam, can retain the status of being sinless throughout his or her life. Christians believe that hell is eternal as is heaven, and there is no pardon for those at hell. Muslims believe that those in hell can receive pardon (McLean, 2007).

Although both religions subscribe to certain practices such as prayers, there are differences existing. Christians have a less-rigid practice of prayer and is seen to be a communion between them and God. Muslims are obligated to face Mecca, pray five times a day, and pray certain prayers. Muslims fast once a year in the month of Ramadan, while Christians are flexible through out. While Christians embrace the principle of tithing of everything they have, Muslims are obligated to give one fortieth of their possessions or earnings. While the house of worship for muslims is the mosque, Christians have the church, chapels, meeting halls and cathedrals.

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