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Ngaism: Main Religion Concepts

A religion is an organization of human beliefs comprising of symbols, narratives and practices that brings about a meaningful life to those who practice them. In the world, there are numerous religious beliefs practicing different customs and rituals. Most of these religions have been criticized based on their beliefs while others have gained massive support from people. Ngaism is a religion that I started recently. There is great confidence that with time the religion will become one of the most popular not only in United Kingdom but also in the whole world. The religion uses the Holy Bible as its sacred text and believes on all that is written in the Bible. It uses it in inculcating law, ethics and strengthening its believers spiritually. It is monotheistic. The religion believes in one God who is the creator of heaven and earth and all that exists within the universe. It believes that God is above nature and has control over all that is in the world. Just as God is holy, the religion calls on all its followers to lead a holy life. This is drawn from the book of Leviticus which says that just as God is holy all those who believe in him shall lead a holy life.

Some religions have been seen to support polytheism. Religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism believe in many gods. These gods are identified with different functions within the religions and in most cases resembles human beings. One of the major reasons that Ngaism rejects polytheism is its believe that everybody has the right to worship his or her god in the way he or she likes. This leads to most believers having no clear purpose for life and anticipation for eternal life. Ngaism believes that every mankind is on earth for a reason and salvation is provided for all those who wish to reform and believe in the gospel. Some may argue that for one to be saved he or she does not have to be a member of a religious group. Ngaism concurs with inclusivists believe that salvation comes from believing in Christ. For one to have faith in the word of God he or she must encounter some theological revelation which only can come from Christian practices (Tag Archive for ‘inclusivism’ Par. 6).

For a long time there has been great conflict about church hegemony. Believers have been trying to impose their religious believes on the population leading to most people having negative attitude towards religious believes. Ngaism believes; according to Jesus teachings that it is not right to impose God’s teachings on people rather, there is need to communicate them to the mass and leave it to make its decision. By being good example to people, there is great possibility that many people will convert to this religion. The greatest power of influencing people to your culture is letting them know about it and have time to analyze it rather that forcing them to adapt to it (Laura Par. 1&2).

Nothing holds religion together than practicing virtue ethics. As a result, Ngaism has a set of code of ethics that all its cohorts adhere to. As Christian, all its followers seek to know God more, serve him and influence others to follow him. The followers strive to go by Gods teachings and to be role model to those who seek to know God. We believe that everybody is created by God thus each person has the right to relate with his or her God. The religion shuns all efforts geared towards denying people an opportunity to be close to their creator. Respecting the value of community, the religion acknowledges that every person is entitled to hearing the word of the Lord. We believe that everyone has the right to analyze all religions and follow a religion of his or her choice.

Sigmund Freud claims that despite religion claiming to be of love, it has proved to be hard on those who fail to abide by its teachings. Ngaism, unlike Muslim, treats both believers and non-believers equally. The religion believes in the freedom of one converting or not converting. For many years, Muslims throughout the world have been seen engaging in acts of violence against people they claim not to do according to Allah teachings. There have been numerous suicide bombing and kidnappings directed on Christians, Hindus and other religions. This has depicted a bad image of Muslim on the masses making many decline to join the religion. Ngaism respects the freedom and rights to worship of other religious groups making it more favorable within the public (Wagner Par. 4). According to Karl max, religion has been used for a long time by religious leaders in hiding exploitation they subject their followers to. Religious leaders have accumulated a lot of wealth at the expense of their followers. There have been cases of priests elevating themselves to higher levels in Pentecostal. Priests have also been seen collecting huge amounts of money during services which is against God’s teachings. Ngaism does not solicit for offerings from its followers. The religion depends on donation from well wishers. This makes it more preferred by people of low class who feel not comfortable in other religions (Cline Par. 3).

Based on Emile Durkheim perception of religion, Ngaism seeks to unify all people in the world. It seeks to provide a meaning for life to everybody in the society as well as reinforcing morals and norms observed by various societies. It will provide a platform where people can gather and have an opportunity to reiterate their social standards (Dunman Par. 7).

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