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Operations Tools. Information Management in Modern Age

It is a common practice that organizations use new operation or analytical tools in current business environments in order to improve their individual and group logistic and production processes, boast their business competitiveness, so that they can be able to get a bigger and better share of the market while at the same time try to deliver greater value to customers. Therefore for smooth running of an organization it is very important for the management to use the operation tools and this will play a vital role in knowing how many sales the business has made within an hour, a day, a month or a year.

In addition to this operation tools are able to tell us the production status within a firm, managers and supervisors are able to see from their operation tools if production is increasing or slowing down and through their analytical tools for example charts, computer software in use, and data collection, they can come up with possible solution for the problem (Jefferson, 1998).

The operational or analytical tools that a company has decided to use are very useful not only in daily routine which we can easily see for instance executives and managers have data. Data consists of raw facts such as an employee’s name and number of hours worked in a week, inventory part number, employees’ addresses, or sales orders. Therefore, managers use information to resolve the troubles, make available the best alternatives, and make opportunities and progresses to their business (John, 1999).

Information technology has been a great tool in the management fraternity and has helped Managers in the modern world to successfully administer their roles and decision makers to receive valuable information. Most entrepreneurship oriented companies and majority of organizations have embraced the usefulness of information. And owing to this reason, there has been advancement on the current information technology to make it more easy to use and solve more problems and also to cater for the drastically changing systems in order to ensure that there is always more accurate and valuable information all the time.

The notion that operation tools help the finance or accounting departments more than operations managers is not true at all, the correct use of a tool designed for that purpose will yield maximum benefits for example, and Information Technology affects business because it changes the industry to become more favorable to the company and consumer demands. It helps in performing analytical processes and in generating solutions, offering alternatives, and creation of more business production possibilities. The corporation might gain more supremacy over suppliers and consumers. Investment of an organization or company in information technology systems enables the company to achieve high quality products and services and keep it up in the face of restrictions.

It also helps in chaining the development of flexible production systems which leads to a realization of massive customization of products and services. In every thing under the sun there is always a minimal fault which can be rectified later, even human being, we tend to forget one or two things when we are doing our normal duty and therefore it is acceptable that analytical tools can suffer from garbage in, garbage out weakness but it can be corrected by an experienced manager since he or she can be able to notice it.

In conclusion, it is very easy to say that analytical tools will be able to compensate for the inexperienced managers within the organization because it is the effective tool to help and support the efficiency and effectiveness of Operation Management. Proper utilization of quality Information Technology is a major asst to organizations and businesses since it has shown over time to enable the respective businesses and organizations to climb ladders of achievements, better business processing, enables production of high quality products and services, ensures better management, and the enhances the effectiveness of communication.


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