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Smoking Disadvantages and Health Harm


Tobacco smoke and so to say cigarettes are full of chemical and poisonous substances. Tobacco smoke in particular has been discovered to contain over 4,000 chemical substances, which in turn make smoking harmful. At least of these 43,are known carcinogens, which usually cause cancer in humans. Cigarettes is one of the products which is sold legally and on contrary can harm and even destroy somebody’s life. Currently most people especially in the US have gone to court to sue tobacco companies, which they claim as responsible for their long term smoking effects. Smoking is a dangerous habit which causes lung cancer and addictive, therefore the federal government should ban smoking in all public places where it can potentially harm another individual without his or her concern.


Cigarette smoke hurt the smoker because it contains harmful chemical substances. Most of the chemicals, which are contained in tobacco smoke, are unbelievable. These includes (1) Benzene: -This is a chemical substance which is obtained from petroleum products and in most cases used as solvent fossil fuel and in manufacturing of chemical substances its mostly associated with leukemia. (2) Ammonia: -which is found in dry cleaning fluids and is used as flavoring substance in tobacco. (3) Formaldehyde: -This is a highly poisonous substance used in preserving dead bodies. Its known to cause respiratory and skin problems and cancer. (4) Acetone: -its mostly used as a solvent. (5) Tar: -when smoke condenses in lungs; about 70% of tar is deposited in lungs. (6) Nicotine: -This an addiction causing chemical. (7) Carbon monoxide:-It’s a poisonous odorless gas, which is normally exhausted by cars. (8)Arsenic: -rat poison. (9) Hydrogen cyanide: -which is a gas chamber poison. (Bonnie, R. and Lynch, B. p: 15).

Cigarette smoking cost the smoker his health and more money because there are many effects caused by Tobacco smoke. First and foremost, smoking in most cases kills and every year hundreds of people all over the world die from smoke related diseases. Its known that one in every two addicted smokers will die from smoking somewhere in their lifetime and half of the deaths usually occur in their mid age. Once a person smokes he/she inhales a poisonous substance (Formaldehyde), which is known to cause a deadly disease (cancer) a disease, which is known to have claimed so many lives in the world. Nicotine and carbon monoxide contained in the cigarette smoke, mixes together and can increase the rate in which the blood flow leading to high blood pressure. This can cause heart attacks and sometimes it can result to stroke. Sometimes it can also result to low blood pressure hence reducing the amount of oxygen in the feet and sometimes hands and might have adverse effects in the region. Tar deposits in lungs forms soot, which then results to cancer. It’s a fact that a smoker who smokes 20 cigarettes in a day breathes in 210g of tar in one year. Though low tar cigarettes has been introduced, it really does not help much because most smokers once they have inhaled the smoke, they usually hold it inside their lungs for long. Carbon monoxide usually reduces the amount of oxygenic the body tissues causing the body organs to strain in search of more oxygen to replace the oxygen deficiency. Smoking usually eats up the body slowly by damaging body organs one by one and the smoker is likely to suffer for long because he/she will be infected by recurrence of diseases. Lungs are the most affected regions and once infected, one is always prone to repeated cases of Bronchitis. One in five deaths of heart related deaths is mostly due to heart failure, which results from fat deposits in blood vessels as a result of smoking, which then leads to heart attack. Three out of four deaths in young people is a result of heart disease. (Byers, p: 10).

Smoking as seen is therefore a dangerous habit in the society and more so smoking in the public should totally be banned. Smokers should also be encouraged to quit in order to enable them bestow confidence in themselves in order to succeed in handling tasks. Their wallets also will become thicker as a result of that. It’s known that if people who smoke about 20 cigarettes in a day quit the vice, income will rise to upto $ 1500 a year. Quitting smoking helps one to feel great and healthy because one is able to do more exercise and he/she will be free from recurrence of diseases. Generally one will appear very smart because there is no dry skin anymore, no wrinkles in the face and one will be free of stained teeth. Reproduction will also improve as there will be less cases of miscarriage, and less cases of children death. Smokers can quit this vice by quitting it all together or by using weaning products e.g. Nicotine Replacement Therapy which help in withdrawal without harming the user with chemical substances. It’s also available over the counter. Another product is the Zyban, which is prescribed by the doctor and works directly in the brain. Others are mouthwash, which will help remove the smell totally in the mouth. There are also many tips to stopping smoking. First prepare yourself to quit the vice by understanding the reasons why you smoke. Set the date for quitting and it has to be a busy and stress free day. Seeking consultants from the doctor in order to provide health solution incase there is side effects. Inform your friends and yourself that you are going to quit the vice and you might need their assistance. Eating of health diet food and seeking advice from the doctor on exercise issues. Avoid everything that leads you to smoking. If you had tried to quit smoking before and you were not successful, try to find a solution to your barrier. Plan on how to deal with this and always be positive and focused. (Chase, E. p: 67).


Though smoking has many disadvantages, it has some few advantages and eyebrows are raised on whether to ban smoking in the public place or abolish the vice altogether. Abolishing smoking altogether will mean cigarette-manufacturing industries will also be shut down. This has raised a lot of opposition especially from many countries because that is where they earn large sums of money from the taxes and it is also a source of employment opportunities for most citizens directly or indirectly. Smoking has diverse side effects some of which affects most people unaware i.e. non-smokers can inhale the cigarette smoke from a smoker. Thereby, banning smoking is generally a good idea. All in all, smoking should be banned from public places and smokers should be advised to totally quit the vice. (Ferguson, Stuart G. & Mike, O. p: 25).


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