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The Concept of Sociological Perspective


The sociological perspective helps in the critical evaluation of ideas to accept things that have evidence by going beyond the obvious things and questioning what seems to be the truth. In understanding where crime originates from, interaction is important to answer all the necessary questions and get the solution to problems. Beliefs and values in society make individuals unique and mold their character to behave in a certain manner according to the values and shared beliefs where bad character lead to the development of unacceptable behavior. To reduce crime from a sociological perspective, Transformation in prisons is necessary, reduction of punitive sentences and increased penalty for criminals.

Meaning of sociological perspective

The sociological perspective is maintaining objectivity by having critical evaluation and test of ideas and being ready to accept the surprising and displeasing things according to the evidence available. The sociological perspective assumes that there is an incomplete and self-serving explanation and involves effort beyond what is obvious and question the truth and common sense. Sociological perspectives help to observe the general pattern of individual behavior to give an insight into the social world that is beyond explanations and rely on personalities. It is important to go beyond and understand the way structural forces are used to shape the actions of different individuals. (Clovis, 2004 pp12-14)

How sociological perspective help to understand the origin of crime

Positive human relations are important in society and interaction helps to answer questions and get a solution to problems. People are taught how to see life scientifically from the way daily activities are carried out. The beliefs and values of the people around us and historical events help individuals to be unique and mold their character for them to be who they are and how they behave. The sociological perspective helps people to understand their shared believes and values, understand their personality and the social class where they belong that can be destructive if the people involved have a bad character that leads to unacceptable behavior resulting in crime.

The sociological perspective in understanding the origin of crime deals with the social experience of individuals to understand actions and thoughts that are influenced by culture and society. An individual may belong to a group of people with bad behavior and be influenced to behave like them and if they commit the crime, he will also be influenced to do the same. Crimes originate from individuals who sin and there is a great struggle to reduce crime which originates from principalities and establishes the areas in need of radical transformation. (Clovis, 2004 pp15-17)

The sociological perspective helps in interacting with people on daily basis to know why people behave in a certain manner. Human beings socialize in their nature and can not be able to live alone and if left alone for a long period, they develop anxiety, depression, insanity, and hallucinations that make them commit crimes. Naturally, people seek to have the company of each other to be able to survive but as we need them, they create problems for us and become interference to our freedom where they exploit, intimidate and even alienate us. (Grusky, 2001 pp33)

How sociological perspective help to identify possible ways of reducing crime

The system of prisons needs to be transformed through changing operations of parole and probation agencies. Punitive sentences are supposed to be reduced so that public safety is increased and at the same time save money by reducing the population of criminals who are imprisoned so that a clear plan can be established to take action and ensure that the few criminals who are liable for jail sentence are monitored properly and effective disciplinary measures are taken to mold their character and ensure that they are morally upright at the end of their term in prison so that similar offense is not repeated in future. (Grusky, 2001 pp34-35)

According to the sociological perspective, the penalty for criminals should be increased to reduce crime so that the criminals can be aware of the heavy penalty and avoid it by changing their behavior for the better. This may also include imprisonment of criminals without accepting fines so that they can face disciplinary action while in prison. The death penalty should be used for serious crimes such as rape and murder so that it can be a good lesson for future criminals of similar offenses and therefore reduce them accordingly.

Community policing is very important where members of the society who live together identify criminals and report them to respective police for legal action to be taken against them. This is of great help because the police themselves can not be able to monitor the actions of every member of the society and it is only the residents who know the people who have deviant behavior and are a problem to their security. When people become each other’s keepers, crime is reduced because of advising the criminals on the consequences of their criminal activities that can lead to life imprisonment and separation from family members. (Grusky, 2001 pp36-37)


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