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How to Combat a Growing Trend of Obesity in the Community

Internet users can notice a frequency with which offers to buy sports devices or download a fitness application appear. A trend of obesity and its consequences in the community has not become less visible from the time of magical pills for weight loss and terrible diets. The mentioned circumstances may push to thinking that this topic should be discussed more thoroughly, as the world changes together with the relevant methods to combat fatness.

It is necessary to obtain a complete insight into the reasons which cause weight gain to prevent obesity. Readers should consider fitness applications and sports devices’ opportunities to help in achieving fitness goals. In searching for modern ways to manage the problem, it is worth appealing to recent studies. Such works may bring many potential benefits to persons who are focused on losing weight. However, they require a short but comprehensive summary to highlight the main points of combating the growing trend of obesity.

A key to understanding the problem is an immersion in it. Scientists Subica et al. (2016) and Yang et al. (2017) provide readers with useful information regarding weight gain and modern methods to overcome this common challenge. Fatness is an issue that does not need to be additionally represented, although some major reasons which cause it are worth mentioning. Primary triggers, which are often not a deliberate choice, are based on inadequate social and environmental context. Sometimes, even adults cannot avoid the negative consequences of food insecurity and regular manufactured foods consumption (Subica et al., 2016). Children are more vulnerable as all parents sometimes blindly make vital decisions for kids, taking away their chances on a healthy lifestyle. In addition, congenital disorders and propensity for obesity do not facilitate the situation. However, all these problems do not make the trend irreparable, as they only increase the required efforts and time to combat it.

The next-level challenges depend only on every person’s power of will and should be overcome. The absence of calorie restrictions and inappropriate mealtimes are the first reasons for obesity and, perhaps, the simplest to combat, especially with modern downloadable applications. The mentioned difficulties, such as unhealthy food and beverages consumed in enormous quantities, result in a rapidly growing negative trend. The other major cause of weight gain and related medical problems is a passive lifestyle when the body does not burn enough calories. Additional issues, such as hormonal imbalance, require special treatment under professional medical recommendations.

Humanity adapted to integrating modern features and devices in different aspects of life. With the spread of multifunctional mobile phones and the Internet, it became easier to access information to combat obesity. The study by Yang et al. (2017) introduces the community to technologies that serve to prevent or manage weight gain and brings the experiment’s results to show the efficiency of the used techniques. Smartphone applications that tackle dietary and physical activity (PA) will replace old-fashioned notes of exercise and keep every detail of a diet in mind. Together with wearable devices that track the intensity of the user’s PA and calorie consumption, mentioned modern tools increase the chances of overcoming obesity (Yang et al., 2017). Most people face the problem of not being motivated enough. According to Yang et al. (2017), fitness applications will send messages to encourage users to complete daily quests for physical activities and practice healthy dietary habits. In addition, the absence of results will not be frustrating, as applications will detect every minor difference and inform a user, enabling them to track the progress over time. It is advisable for everyone who wants to change their lives to make the first small step in overcoming obesity by choosing and downloading one of the various fitness applications.

As for the results of the experiments, they are promising enough. It is possible to state that the experiment’s participants showed behavior changes that eventually would lead to positive outcomes (Yang et al., 2017). Following the applications’ programs, the group of people improved their sports abilities and changed unhealthy habits. In areas, which involve developments in humans health, future constant trials are usually needed. However, now, the community has enough information and inspiring expectations for combating obesity.

Although the weight gain trend may seem an insoluble problem, it is time to admit that the community is much closer to a healthy lifestyle than ever before. It is worth downloading fitness apps and using them, as these actions separate society from the risk that obesity would control people forever and prevent its negative influence. People should always take care of their bodies to eliminate potential health issues and exceed the duration of life.


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