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Nursing Interventions during Disasters

Nursing interventions can be divided into three main categories which are primary, secondary, and tertiary. In the case of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, an example of primary prevention is training people on how to respond during a disaster and assisting where medics are shorthanded. For instance, teaching people how to dress wounds and wrap bandages is a primary activity since it is aimed at preventing sepsis and diseases before their onset. Secondary care aims at reducing the impact of a disease once it has occurred (Institute for Work and Health, 2015). For example, through amputation and orthopedic surgery, medics can ensure that the condition of patients’ limbs does not get worse. Finally, tertiary prevention is intended to manage the long-term health effects of an event. For instance, medics can encourage patients to seek psychosocial support and help each other overcome the changes brought by a disaster. Amputated patients can also join rehabilitation programs to readjust following the loss of a limb. The actions proposed are examples of primary, secondary and tertiary interventions that help patients survive and recover from catastrophes.

The proposals above fall under the third stage of a disaster, namely, the response phase. It takes place once the catastrophe has already occurred and aims to reduce its impact rather than prevent it (Kelly, 2020). The measures suggested fall under this phase since they will be undertaken in the aftermath of the disaster. I would work with the International Red Cross (IRC) to facilitate the proposals. The IRC is highly efficient and well-prepared for emergencies. Their adaptability makes them suitable for handling tragedies such as the one witnessed in Haiti. Additionally, they provide relief supplies such as cooking equipment, shelter tools, and water containers, which sustain the affected people as they recover from the tragedy. A proper understanding of disaster management is an integral part of healthcare provision.


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