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Organizational Behaviour and Managerial Activities

In an attempt to gain superior insights on organizational culture, this synthesis paper discusses a better understanding how individuals get to behave as individuals or when they are in groups. It outlines on how it is crucial for them to perform their jobs better and improve the overall performance of the organization on daily basis and in the long run.

Managerial functions usually involve the processes of coordinating, planning controlling organizing and staffing and organizational behavior provides a foundation with which an organization gets to build itself (Kreitner, 2014).

The study of how individuals get to behave as individuals or when they are in groups is what we call organizational behavior. A manager is obligated to understand why his or her subordinates within an organization behave the way they do so that he or she can be able to work well with them. People in a workplace come from different cultures, geographical locations and the way a manager may communicate may be threatening to the workers, or they may find it uncomfortable.

So the manager has the duty of adapting his style of management so that it suits the workforce well. The workforce also comprises of the people who are heterogeneous in gender, sex, race, and also sexual orientation. So the managers have to ensure that they accommodate the different groups of individuals, with their different lifestyles, their family needs and also their styles of doing work.

The main activities that a manager does within an organization are: to motivate the employees in the organization to work harder, to resolve conflicts, evaluate the performance of the employees, and assist the workers to set goals and achieve rewards. The organizational behavior field provides the relevant research and also models that are needed in carrying out the activities (Smith, 2012).

Organizational behavior provides an insight to understanding the issues that are linked with leadership whereby the managers have the responsibility of hiring, training, and firing of the employees, making decisions, upholding the culture of the organization and also maintaining the organizational structure. The manager needs to make reports within the organization on the various activities that are ongoing, either to the other employees to know how they are performing their work so that they will improve on their weak areas if they are failing and they will also be motivated to work harder if they are doing a good job or to their seniors for them to know how they effectively do their work.

Organizational behavior knowledge can help the managers to have a better understanding of their needs, behaviors, feelings and also motives. And this will significantly improve their communication skills and capability to make better decisions as they are the ones that are responsible for initiating, designing change negotiating, and also allocating of resources for the organization. They oversee the progress of the organizations of new projects, control stress and understand how well the dynamics of career unfold.

Organizations also need to have a good customer care service which satisfies its customers, organizational behavior also provides an explicit guide on how managers can achieve this and attract more customers so that an organization can remain relevant in the market. In conclusion, it is very crucial for a manager to learn organizational behavior in order to be successful in his endeavors (Molina, 2014).


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