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Stakeholder Collaboration and Communication Plan


Project managers should develop appropriate communication plans to define how ideas and concepts will be shared in each stage. Such tools dictate how stakeholders and employees pursue specific activities or actions. This paper explains why there should be room for a project team member or stakeholder collaboration when drafting and implementing a communication plan.

Collaboration in Project Communication Management

Project managers possess adequate competencies and skills that guide them to develop appropriate communication plans. They guide different stakeholders to be aware of their roles and contributions throughout the project period. However, the involvement of team members whenever a manager is formulating an effective plan is something that many scholars have ignored in the past (Sipes, 2016). Sipes (2016) goes further to indicate that there is a need for project leaders to encourage their followers to be part of the process.

Several arguments can be presented to explain why collaboration is important. The first one is that different team members tend to have diverse needs or expectations. Some might also prefer specific modes of communication in order to become more productive (Sipes, 2016). When a project manager interacts with such stakeholders, it can be possible to develop a proper plan that meets such needs. This means that project leaders should consider their team members’ views and opinions in an attempt to achieve the intended objectives.

Secondly, a successful plan should create the best environment for exchanging ideas, maximizing innovation and creativity, addressing emerging problems, and improving performance. When a project manager collaborates with his or her followers, it becomes possible for the team to achieve most of the outlined objectives. The individuals will be willing to present evidence-based suggestions for improving communication (Sipes, 2016). They will also be encouraged to share emerging insights with members who do not attend specific meetings or briefing sessions.

The concept of collaboration can deliver numerous benefits when project managers involve all key stakeholders. According to Sipes (2016), leaders can use such an opportunity to delegate various roles, including delivering documents, sharing emails, and updating the organization’s website. These responsibilities will ensure that contractors, workers, and organizational leaders receive timely updates. Stakeholders can also collect views and opinions from the targeted clients and use them to support the targeted change.

The decision to create room for project team collaboration in the development of communication is an idea that echoes the concept of teamwork. Many theorists in the field of project management acknowledge that the involvement of different individuals whenever communicating key messages is a practice that has the potential to deliver positive results (Sipes, 2016). This initiative will ensure that the available resources support all stages, operations, and activities.

Those involved will also be informed when there are changes in original schedules or timelines. Additionally, the idea can guide project managers to adjust their communication plans depending on the expectations of different stakeholders. Such a practice will eventually make the project successful and deliver the targeted organizational objectives.


The above discussion has indicated that there is a need for project managers to collaborate with every follower whenever designing and implementing their communication plans. Such a practice can empower team members to focus on the targeted goals, solve emerging problems, and perform their duties diligently. The strategy will ensure that more managers achieve their goals in a timely manner.


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