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“Thelma and Louise” the Movie by. R. Scott


The movie Thelma and Louise is based on two contrasting characters of women who travel along with the country. This movie can be seen as a feminist story portraying the psychological transformations of women and their identities. The behaviors can be seen as resistance towards social oppression and family problems. Both Thelma and Louise symbolize modem women faced with such problems as family indifference and lack of love, complicated human relationships, and depression.

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Thelma and Louise have similar life ideals and values, principles, and understanding of love and friendship. From the very beginning of the movie, the individualist impulse brings women together. This is no paradox— once individuals set goals, they often find that supporting each other and taking joint action is necessary to achieve their goals. But, unfortunately, Thelma and Louise do not distinguish between joining together to accomplish things themselves.

The main problem for both of them is that they o not distinguish between voicing a claim to the same negative rights as everyone else—to equal liberty, which no one feels comfortable in opposing—and voicing a claim to an agenda of positive rights, which the government would have to provide and enforce.

Their desire to escape from routine daily life and the city is explained by the movement shift from stress on individualism, social cooperation, and negative rights to stress on positive rights, the movement becomes marginal and ineffective. Both Thelma and Louise are working-class women. Both of them are attractive women: the scene at the Silver Bullet vividly portrays the charming nature of both women.

The main difference is found in their values and qualities. Thelma is a housewife who devotes her time and energy to her husband while Louise is a single woman working as a waitress. Thelma is passive and melancholic while Louise is a strong personality able to survive in any circumstances and struggle with ant life difficulties. The main occurs at the end of the film when Thelma uses a gun when a policeman tries to stop the woman from speeding.

Through the women’s eyes, viewers see a society in which power and abuse of power are the central facts of human existence. Thelma is motivated largely by a desire to be free, but her new boyfriend ruins all her dreams and life hopes. Louise wants to avoid Texas because of unpleasant memories and events in her life: she was raped in Texas many years ago but killed her offender. Thus, she escaped the penalty and has to avoid this state at any cost.

The relationships with the man like Darryl unveil that Thelma is a woman living only on the fringe of society, as well as that which makes it difficult or impossible for her to adapt to it. Conversely, relationships show that she attempts to move securely within human society, for if this tangible proof of her deviant personality is glimpsed, her position is jeopardized and her goals threatened. Significantly, guns and other iron objects play an important role in narratives.

In the movie, guns and analogous iron objects are thus symbols of male power and dominance. The character of Thelma has changed greatly as she bears resemblance with her friend Louise, her manners and gestures, choice of words, and behavior. The movie has two scenes with a gun: when Harlan tries to rape Thelma and when Thelma threatens a policeman. At the end of the movie, both women wear jeans and a short T-Shirt similar to those popular among men. It is a mark of their cowardice that although she possesses guns she does not use them until her rape, and even this act has been provoked by the threat of male will.

So long as both women have wished to play the masculine traditional role they refrained from demonstrating her potential power to use iron as they could. Thelma’s concealment of strength is a gesture acknowledging her willingness to play her game with her rules. But the women’s failure is to more than play with their lives which indicates not conciliation but cowardice. The women wonders at the men’s constraint and in both they respond by indicating a reluctance to abandon her traditional role.

The last scene of the movie reveals that the women need true love and friendship to survive and live in society. The life provides his traditional themes with a twist of its own. Death is the only way out for both of them to escape poverty, hardship, and social instability in their lives. There is something heroic about their final which is contrasted with the demonstration of power, although insofar as gender relationships constantly define the way guns are presented in the movie.


In sum, the movie depicts two different women characters but they change develop gradually till the end of the movie. Passive and sympathetic Thelma acquires masculine qualities to oppose the violence and cruelty of the world. Louise becomes more passionate thus she remains a powerful and charismatic personality. The movie portrays that life circumstances and difficulties change people and have a profound impact on their destiny outside their will.

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