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Comparing and Contrasting My Parents Behavior


The world comprises different types of living things including human beings that share a common ancestral origin. This common and shared ancestral origin indicates that they have many things which are similar and so they can easily be grouped according to these traits for easy identifications and study by researchers. This essay aims at contrasting and comparing parents’ behaviour in terms of discipline, budgeting and anger management.

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While my parents are strict in ensuring that we maintain the highest level of morality and uphold it to adult life, they do so in diverse slants that make it seem like two unique affairs. My father is very modest and humble in instilling discipline in us and takes a backstage to let us prove to ourselves that we are indeed wrong and warrant being punished. His penalties are formal that we even feel we deserve them. He does so by giving us a simple talk on indiscipline and asking us politely if we realize what he is talking about, then he concludes by inviting us to give him our point of view about what he has shared with us. This approach seems to make someone realize their mistake and admit to punishments (Golombok, p. 79). After this session admission of guilt becomes inevitable and we give in to what he wants. Contrary to him, my mother is a direct attacker and as soon as a mistake is done she hits the nail on the head by pinpointing the evil in what we have done. This is then followed by an immediate punishment which normally includes physical and verbal attacks. She sees all mistakes as a result of evil thinking and wicked intentions while my father views our mistakes as misjudgments and simple ignorance of basic rules that govern our conduct.

Budgeting in my family is usually done by both parents and partly us. They usually request to know our needs and tastes before they proceed to what they want to buy for us and at the same time put into consideration the amount of money they want to spend. However, my mother will not adjust her budget just because we have a pressing need to get a specific item that costs more than what was planned for and she gives an option of agreeing to get what she desired to budget for us or suspend it until when there is enough money (Vincent, p. 43). My father always asks for a compromise between getting what we wanted and reducing the excess amount from the next budget allocation.

My father is swift in handling anger and will hardly rebuke anybody in public. He prefers settling the matter afterwards when he is in the right senses and mood. He is humble and does not like arguing and name-calling since these create more trouble for him and us (Golombok, p. 46). When he is annoyed he prefers to maintain his calm and retreats to his study room to read a novel or a magazine until the anger subsides. On the other hand, my mother will openly rebuke us and even call names in public when angered and to some extreme extent, she cries and tears flow down her cheeks. She is too emotional and does not like getting annoyed as this makes her sulk and just like my father, she retreats to her bedroom to sob for hours.


Given that my parents are endowed with these different qualities and degrees of personal approaches to issues, they have still managed to bring us up in a very moral way that attracts great attention and respect from our family friends, peers and neighbours.

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