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Eco-Wellness and Holistic-Education’s Business Opportunities


Both eco-wellness and holistic-education make the best when it comes to offering business opportunities and supporting economic progress. Wellness industry in general, is over $3.72 trillion in terms of its worth (Wilkinson, 2017). This is equivalent to more than 5% of entire global economy in terms of output. Despite the disruption which exists against this industry and the general uncertainty of world market, eco-wellness as an industry has matured (Wilkinson, 2017).

In the same way, holistic-education, although established in 1980s, its aim of counteracting US learning structure has so far been a success. Holistic education is essential as the teachers focus on social, ethical, emotional and academics as students’ essential needs while giving knowledge. This education emphasizes on the provision of whole-child support in a positive school environment. Eco-wellness and Holistic-education are among the major business opportunities which state such as Latin America, Barahona Dominican Republic and Santa Marta, Cierra Nevada Colombia is leveraging on for business purposes.


Eco-wellness is a business idea with various opportunities for potential economic progress. The first opportunity which this business brings centers on the market. The industry operates on flooding market, and therefore there is a room for growth and expand. Since few people are in this business, entrepreneurs can easily expand through networking as the operational scheme has a pool of customers waiting. Thus, it is a good business which can drive revenue to the country through taxes, hence supporting economy.

In wellness industry, customers love enjoying the experience which the business gives through its incredible local sceneries. In Latin America, eco-wellness services are mostly offered in spas, ranging from the rainforests of Costa Rica to Cabo area. Therefore, the most suitable place to stage this service is near Cabo’s wild spring-break (Wilkinson, 2017). This place is not only fascinating, but also gives customers the anticipated feeling while enjoying eco-wellness instances. In Barahona Dominican Republic, eco-wellness as a business can be staged around Casa Bonita, a place which was first used by the Schiffino family. Here, there are magnificent but small luxury hotels, with amazing view of the Caribbean Sea. This place is amazing, and thus attracts many visitors, meaning clients are readily available.

Santa Marta, Cierra Nevada Colombia is a place described by sloppy environment and defined by people’s nature of exploiting ecological niches. This place is invested with the Kogi Indians and other ethnic groups, making it rich in the context of its microenvironments. The place is suitable for implementation of eco-wellness because besides the place being rich agriculturally, it has a population that values traditional way of life. This region therefore, is the best in terms of natives leading active lives.

Holistic Education

Many states are after incorporating holistic education in their learning systems. These nations’ efforts are secure because they receive funds from Every Student Succeed Act (Wilkinson, 2017). Schools understand that they need to buy in the ideas of this system, which stipulates that whole-child-services and learning conditions, the emotional and social developments occur as variable to education. The primary aim of holistic-education is to ensure there is cultivation of spiritual, emotional, psychological and moral attributes of a child. In Latin America, this business can be staged in the Southern part of America.

This place is home to Spanish-speaking people and therefore it can offer students with opportunities of walking through history while soaking up ancient culture of the ethnic societies. Besides, this institution will empower the locals, making them acquire education a fact that will ultimately improve their lives.

Barahona Dominican Republic and Santa Marta, Cierra Nevada Colombia

This education is designed to fit into the current fourth revolutionary era. This era entails the aspect of global innovation, citizenship, interpersonal emotion, technology and accessible learning among other things. In Barahona Dominican Republic, this project can be developed in the rural area, under the guidance of the country’s director with sponsorship and various administrative personnel. The low-income community live in the rural of this republic, and therefore this school will give them opportunity to study. Besides, this program will ensure there is development occurring to exploit the untapped resources in the rural of this country.

The same applies to the Santa Marta, Cierra Nevada Colombia. With the guidance of the national government, holistic-education needs to be a rural project for the rural people. Education will equip this Colombian society at large to compete with the world. The rural students are characterized with issues such as absenteeism, violence among the teens, massive spread of transgender, gay and lesbian issues and bisexual. These together with the increase of drug abuses, lowers the economic stability of the area (Wilkinson, 2017). Such school will help students get empowered emotionally, socially and psychologically, and therefore they will have the ability to improve their living standards. In this regard, the living standard of the area will improve, while other opportunities of accessing work being revealed.


In conclusion, both the eco-wellness and holistic-education have the power to ingest more funds back to the society. Therefore, all the businesses suit the rural areas of Latin America, the Santa Marta, Cierra Nevada Colombia and Barahona Dominican Republic. These program when properly initiated will increase the GDP of the country involved, and give more work opportunities in the areas in subject. That shows, the improvisation of this issues increases chances of empowering the communities involved.


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