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Tesla’s Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy of Tesla may be regarded as opposed to traditional approaches as the company is not involved in social media marketing and paid advertising. From a personal perspective, this extraordinary experience will make the Tesla brand highly special and successful, especially in attracting loyal customers. However, its brand marketing strategy is effective for Tesla and cannot be applicable to other companies because its uniqueness is totally determined by the image and popularity of its creator, Elon Musk (Dudovskiy, 2021). According to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Musk is the most influential and exciting leader on this social platform (Ku, 2020). Thus, Tesla’s direct marketing campaign depends on Musk’s Twitter account with almost 40 million followers (Folschette, 2021). His promotional Tweets in relation to Tesla may be already regarded as efficient marketing messages to target customers.

Regardless of the fact that Tesla does not do any social media marketing, it indirectly relies on social media and online customers’ behavior. In general, people are motivated to buy online by multiple factors, including social and demographic factors, online shopping experience, social media, website design, product characteristics, facilitating conditions, delivery and payment options, and situational factors (Pandey and Parmar, 2019). In the case of Tesla, people are motivated by the image of Musk and the brand’s vision, awareness, and popularity among the audience. In other words, Tesla may be regarded as “a hype machine” attention around which spread via social media makes it desirable (Sunley, 2017). Thus, Tesla is an authentic brand that simplifies the customer experience and heavily relies on word-of-mouth (Rojas, 2020). In addition, as people are interested in Mask’s activities, believe in his ideas, and trust the quality of his products, they will trust Tesla as well.

Tesla’s marketing strategies substantially differ from traditional ones used by auto-giants. For instance, Mercedes focuses on a TV commercial and various print advertisements (Campaign for the A-Class: Ready for a new generation, no date). The marketing campaign of BMW includes the latest technologies and the invitation of celebrities as the brand’s ambassadors (Arica, 2020). Audi emphasizes the ideas of the future with the focus on country-specific and cultural requirements (Re-orientation of the brand takes shape – Audi starts a new brand campaign, 2020). In general, all companies elaborate on their marketing plans, making them unique. The approach of Tesla is efficient as well, however, it will not be suitable for a company with a less influential and well-known owner.

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